Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The Truth Will Set Cameron Slater Free

Cameron Slater has become the new editor
at the newspaper, "The Truth"

Cameron Slater is the owner of the right
wing blog, "Whale Oil" which is New Zealand's
biggest blog.

He is famous here in New Zealand for naming
famous people who get charged convicted
of various crimes, despite the courts granting name

The truth newspaper was most famous in the
80's for being  a tabloid paper with page three
girls and sleazy ads at the back.

At the moment I would say Cameron Slater's
blog will get more hits than  The Truth's newspaper

Although some people might think this is no big
deal, if Cameron Slater can turn this paper around
and maybe make it like New Zealand's own little
newspaper version of Fox News, it might work.

The media here leans so far to the left, that anyone
on the far left is held in high esteem and dare not be
criticized, this might change all this.

Although I'm centre left myself, I say hats off
to Cameron Slater, who despite being very
right wing, is very much outspoken about gay
rights and a gay person's right to marry.

Who knows what will happen with The Truth,
I think I will wait for the online version, before
I look at the print version.

The Truth's first run with Cameron Slater as
editor is on November 8th.

Here's hoping it will be a good one.

Time will tell.

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