Friday, October 5, 2012

The Office Review: "Andys Ancestry" 09:03

The episode starts off with Asian Jim, which was
funny, but a bit of a insult to Dwight's character,
he wouldn't be that thick would he? A bit
over the top, but the scene worked.

I loved Darryl's sound bites, it was almost a spoof
on the mock doco format and the Office itself.

I liked that Kevin joined in with the clapping with
the new guys.

The toned down Nellie is actually funny. I like the
prank on Andy, tricking him to thinking his family
owned slaves.

Pam being upset that Jim didn't tell her earlier about
his business opportunity had a realness about it, also
nice that Darryl will now be apart of it.

Couple of other side stories, that were okay.

A nice simple episode that was funny and it worked.


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