Saturday, October 6, 2012

Susan Pepperell of the NZ Herald

While doing research for a rather lengthly post, that
I may or may not end up posting, I came across,
Susan Pepperell writer for the New Zealand Herald.

She sums up the disingenuous writing style of not
only the New Zealand media, but the left wing
Feminist blogosphere and the relationship the
Herald and the blogosphere keeps quiet.

I discovered during my research, that she had written
a piece on someone, and in her piece she describes
this woman as inspirational and goes on to mention
all the hardships she has gone through and how
brilliant this lady is.

What Susan Pepperell of the New Zealand Herald
failed to tell her readers, that not only had she
a previous friendship with this lady, but she knew
the writers from the Feminist left wing blog The Hand Mirror
and that the lady had previously been asked to write
pieces for the New Zealand Herald, along with several
members of the site the hand mirror.

This is Journalism at it's worst, this is like Faux News
using Romney staff's as their commentators and
not telling people.

Various left wing blogs love to tell people that
the New Zealand Herald is right wing, but what
they and the herald don't tell is the connection between
the two.

The connection between the nzherald  and
The Hand Mirror is deep.  If the feminist
writers of the nzherald want to make a point
they just call up their buddies to write as impartial
commentators, knowing full well the bloggers
will write the point the WRITERS want them
to get across.

One of the more sneaky tricks used by the
writers of the nzherald is too quote these
writers, but again not telling the public of
the previous relationship they have.

For myself this is almost like some repulsive
form of viral marketing, in fact it's downright

If as a Journalist you want to make a point,
how about getting someone neutral, or
at least, at the very very least, LET the
public know, you know the person your

Anything else is a lie.

To the NZherald and The Hand Mirror,
how about you guys,  stop being sneaky and being
more honest.

I anit holding my breath though.

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