Saturday, October 6, 2012

South Park: "Raising the Bar"

South Park's latest episode, must be the best episode
South Park has done in a long long long time.

It had a go at society, without reverting to over the
top grossness.

What I took from the episode was, when as humans
did we decide to watch anything just because it's
on television.

The episode made fun of the repulsive parents of
abused child, Honey Boo Boo and the public and
the network that airs such drivel.

The connection that the bar has been lowered so long
and this is what we are stuck with, is so true.

The point that obesity is a epidemic and a problem
but not a disease was brilliant, using Cartman on
a mobility scooter.

Didn't get the hate for Randy Newman though?

Best line of the night was Cartman's rant about how
society wants us all to flat stomach's and perky tits
like Kyle.

I hope the TLC channel watched this and learned

The bar is too low, and it took a gross out cartoon
to teach us.

Well done, Matt and Trey.

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