Thursday, October 18, 2012

Scott Neitlich: Hoverboard

(UPDATE: Ive changed the title of this post, Scott has informed
me, via one of my questions at Matty Collector, it was
his mistake the Hoverboard didnt make the sounds,
he didn't need to shake it, he just had to hold it
flat, I believe him)

Scott Neitlich had an interview with MTV dated
October 16th I think.

He had the Hoverboard with him.

First off it didnt work, he had to shake it
 hard and then bang it to make the sounds.
The interviewer said, "Its not working" Scott
 said and I quote. "It's temperamental"

Once it worked the sounds itself didnt sound
like the ones in the movie, even though they
were lifted from the Movie.

Secondly, again like with every interview
 he was ambiguous, when asked "Does it Float"
he replied "Not exactly" (Is Mattel trying to fool dumb people?)

If it sells well, he suggested there will be a
year two and possibly a pitbill.

ps: (Nothing to do with this post, but I'm guessing
you could fit in some "That's what she said" quotes
in this post.)

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