Thursday, October 18, 2012

Scott Neitlich must be thick skinned

Scott Neitlich must be thick skinned over the
public reaction to Mattel's Prop Replica Hoverboard,
or Movie Accurate Hoverboard or now as
Mattel is promoting it "An amazing toy"

I believe he is genuine in his belief, that the Hoverboard
is an amazing toy, and I believe his team believes
it also, here's the thing, it appears the public is not
too happy, now perhaps the public is too picky, and
perhaps when this thing gets sent out, we will all
be blown away by it.

Back to the future was a special movie trilogy that
still holds a dear dear place in people's hearts, it
takes us back to our childhood, I was a teen when
it first came out, and boy oh boy, I  wanted a hoverboard,
not knowing much about Quantum Physics, I didn't
understand it will probably never be in my life time.

My big sadness with this is, too wait 25 years for
a Movie Prop Replica, that is not exactly a
replica, but just a look a like, is a let down.

I still have hope though, and I hope Scott Neitlich
understands the mindset of the average back to
the future fan is maybe different to the mindset of
the average collector.

We want to think back to what we felt while watching the
movie, we want that feeling, I sincerely hope you can
deliver Scott, because at the moment, I'm not
that hopeful, and I'm normally a hopeful person.

Time will tell.

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