Sunday, October 14, 2012

Scott Neitlich: The Final Disappointment

(Update, instead of editing this post, I have done another
dated 14th October, I received a comment on an earlier
post about Scott, by someone who knows him, so think
its only fair to mention that)

Well, It's been nine months, and as predicted, Mattel's
Scott Neitlich, A.K.A toyguru,  has given the prop replica fans,
 their final and biggest disappointment.

Never in the History of a company, did a company have
so much LUCK in the prop replica market, not only did
they decide to do a Prop Replica of the greatest fictional
 toy ever, but there was no need to spend millions on

Why, because Bob Fuckin  Gale came in with the prop
itself, yes Bob Gale, (sure he screwed Crispin
Glover and lied about if for 25 years) but that is
beside the point, Bob Gale is back to the future, and
he went along to Mattel, to see Scott Neitlich and
his designers so Mattel could create a MOVIE
accurate version of the hoverboard.

So Mattel actually had the Hoverboard, they
needed to work on!!!

So what did Scott and Mattel do, well they didn't
listen to the consumers for one, they also kept
silence for most of all the time, except for
advertising and BS promotion on sites like
Beyond the Marquee.

Then there was comic con in San Diego, and
the Hoverboard fans were shocked, but were
told, by Scott Neitlich that "It's a work in progress"

Again there was silence, and now with Comic- Con
in New York, what have they unveiled???

It anit a mother fuckin Hoverboard, that is for

It's worse looking than the one in San Diego.

It's worse looking than the one the 10 year
old kid from Slough in the U.K made for his
middle school class project.

What did Scott Neitlich, (who certainly isn't
a toy guru) say to his bosses at Mattel??

I'm guessing NOTHING!

They're got their customers money and that
is all they care about.

This has to be the most poorly handled
promotion since New Coke.

Scott, if your reading this, You had BOB
GALE at your disposal, you had the

What were you thinking?

Because I have no idea, what this thing
is, in New York City.

Answers would be nice.

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