Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Nature Calls (2012)

An Open letter to Hollywood.

Recently South Park did an episode,
called "Raising the Bar" it was about
how the bar has been Lowered so
much, people will watch anything, and
that is not good for society.

Well the bar has been lowered again, with
what is  the WORST MOVIE

I'm judging this on the trailer alone, the movie
is set for release on November.

I beg you Hollywood, don't release this movie
in the cinemas, please put it straight to video,
that way, this crime against nature, doesn't get
to be part of cinema history.

When Rob Schneider turns you down, you
know you have a problem.

Please don't release this piece of crap, dont
make movie ushers have to walk into the
theatre while this is on, your talking about
people's time here, don't waste 90 minutes of
people's lifes.

You guys have created the biggest piece of
crap ever, I don't have the skills as a writer
to show my disgust at this abomination that
is suppose to be a  film, in fact how dare
anyone call this a film, it's not, it should
be the poster child for everything that is
wrong with the universe.

How dare you guys do this, to the public.

Please oh please, don't make this
piece of donkey diarrhea, a part
of cinema history.

Straight to video please.

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