Tuesday, October 2, 2012

More than a piece of Cloth

I'm not an American, I'm a New Zealander who
lives in New Zealand, over the past few years,
some very patronizing  kiwi bloggers have made
some nasty comments about the states.

(The average kiwi you will be happy to know, like
and respect our American friends)

Anyway, after the trouble in  Egypt, where those
vicious rioters killed an American diplomat, a kiwi
blogger decided to write how the youtube video
was provocation and started to mention forms of

According to this blogger, you cannot burn the Koran,
but American  flag burning is okay, because in her words
"It's just a piece of cloth"

How patronizing can you get???

Here is a blogger who says she wants respect for
all people, of all nations and all cultures, but she
calls the symbol of pride of the USA, just  a
piece of cloth, I can image the smirk on her
face, when she wrote that.

Well to that Blogger, I say, every country has
its symbols, something that represents them,
it may be a flower, it may be a flag, it may
even be an animal/bird, but to those people
from those countries it means everything.

For you to call the American flag, "Just a piece of
cloth" is mean spirited, nasty and cruel, it
shows you have a real chip on your shoulder
that New Zealand has embraced the American
culture, they're our friends,  and have been
for decades, kiwis have many connections to
the states, family and friends, and yes we have
embraced American western values more than
your own, there is no need to get nasty about
it though.

We also don't have to justify, liking American
to small minded bloggers, we except everybody
in New Zealand, your culture and religion included.

Too bad  you can't show the same respect to
America that New Zealand has shown you.

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