Thursday, October 11, 2012

Modern Family Review: "Snip"

The second of tonight's episode was titled "Snip".

Although not as funny as tonight's first episode, Snip
was very very good indeed.

The episode had two very clever visual jokes, Cam's
outfit matching the bedroom curtains and when Phil
was sitting on the bench covering part of his own
real estate ad, which meant it read "Not a real man"

Jay must of thought all his Xmas's had come at once.

I'm glad that Alex's run as a goth appears to be a short
lived thing and Phil must be glad that he doesn't go
through with a vasectomy.

Again Modern Family pulled the right heart strings
near the end, it was great to see Claire in these

Cam going back as a music teacher was a
nice touch, and Gloria coming to her senses
made actual sense.

Overall a great episode, that was overshadowed
by the first episode of the night, which will
become an all time favorite with fans.

Fav lines from Snip.

Is it a Vascetdayou or a Vastecdame
Don't you a raven to train
We're going need a bigger belt
You dont get to talk Morticia


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