Thursday, October 11, 2012

Modern Family Review: "Schooled"

A double dose of Modern Family tonight.

It started off with the episode "Schooled".

Modern family's Schooled was far far too good,
nearly everyline was said perfectly, every action
was done perfectly, it's hard to review
a show, which has reached perfection.

It had three story lines, Gloria and Jay taking a parenting class,
Cam and Mitch's argument with a Lesbian couple over their
children fighting in Kindergarten and Phil and Claire dropping
Hayley off at College.

The Jay and Gloria storyline was funny, with Jay or course being
very much politcally incorrect, it was so like Jay and Gloria too
pass notes in class. Of course Jay and Gloria left the class early, his
comment "I felt like a Burrito" will make sense too all that watched it.

Cam and Mitch's fight with a Lesbian couple was pure comedy,
this is the storyline that probably had the best oneliners, it was
also very clever the way Cam and Mitch explained why Gay men
and Lesbian woman don't get along.

Again, the emotional side to this episode, was dropping off Hayley
at college, the scene with Phil mistakes a college student for his
wife was pricelss, but it was near the end, with hayley calling her
parents up from college, after reading Phil's book, that will have
you in tears, very very sweet indeed.

I cant write enough, how I enjoyed this latest episode,  this show
has now grown into something special, long may it continue.

Fav Quotes from this episode

Dont dork up our room, dont slut up your college
Is this kindergarten or the hunger games
I saw it on the L word, I persume they have consultants.
Dance until your feet hurt, sing until your lungs hurt, act until your
William Hurt.


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