Thursday, October 18, 2012

Modern Family Review: "The Butler's Escape"

The fourth episode of the fourth season revolved
around, Luke wanting to give up magic, Gloria's
snoring and Mitch and Cam struggling with
their reverse roles.

I really like this episode, probably the best thing
about it was not really the main story lines.

I like that they have made Alex mean, she is
obviously missing her sister and needs that
confrontation with her, so it was great that
she got to skype, and thus balance got
restored to the house hold.

Although I do hope they will do more
with the Alex character.

The Cam and Mitch storyline was predictable
but had some real funny moments, Lily ripping
out the music chord was probably her best all
scene, Cam's faces while playing the music to
the students and the F Mr Tucker was also

The snoring story line with Gloria was okay,
but didnt really do much for me.

The Luke and Phil story line was good, and
turned great with the hug at the end. I'm sure
Luke had that planned.

Best line of the night had to be Jay's...

Your huge, your loud ,its like sleeping with Rush Limbaugh.

Overall a good episode.


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