Saturday, October 27, 2012

Is Netball still this amateurish????

I cannot get over how much of a Amateur sport Netball
still is, we have been told by the liars in our media, that
they're the super  sports people that rule the court.

Yet, during the pass season, we have seen "a Hoist", players
lifting players up to block shots, (Show this footage to any
FEMALE basketballer or volleyballer and they would
p*ss themselves laughing. Yet our media tells us this
is great, its taking the sport of netball forward.

 What would take the sport forward is
Netballers being able to dunk like
the woman in the  WNBA and NCAA basketball comps.

Just a couple of nights ago, the best netball team in the world,
The Silver Ferns called a time out, what were the tactics given
by coach Waimarama Taumanu?

All she said was "They know our flick passes are fast, shoot faster"

Thats not a tactic, in fact not even at Middle School level in
the USA for GIRLS basketball, would a coach say something
so simple or void of any actual coaching, and the silver ferns
are suppose to be the best side in the world????

The media can't wash their hands of this, any criticism of netball
is normally called sexist by the likes of Brendan Telfer, fairfax
or TVNZ, yet it's not sexist, its just  comparing the sport of Netball
with the sport of WOMAN'S basketball, the difference in
professionalism is night and day, but no New Zealand Journo
would have enough balls to admit this.

Make no mistake, Netball is the worst thing to happen to
woman's sport in New Zealand, because Netballers are
the worst female sports people this country has produced.

The training, the coaching, the athletic ability of the players
are not even close to the female sports people overseas who play
Volleyball and Basketball, you could take a good high school
girls volleyball and Basketball team, teach them the rules
of Netball and in two weeks, they would thrash the Silverferns
by 50 points.

Yet our media stays silence. After that timeout against England,
every Journo in this country should've been speaking out,
instead of clapping like trained circus seals. That should've
been a real eye opener, that was not coaching.

But our media will never speak out.

It's a shame for female sports people in this country.

Our Journos think they are doing female sport a favour
by giving all this coverage to Netball, but they're killing
female sport.

It will never change.

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