Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Homeland Season 2

What a start to the second season of Homeland, it
had everything, tension, another brilliance performance
by Danes, and a storyline that I really love seeing
developed, and that is the father/daughter relationship.
Her helping bury the copy of the Koran was a sweet

This is going to be pivotal to the decision  that Nicolas
Brody finally makes, will it be family that will rule over
his current  false belief that he has to kill the president/vice

I think the wife character and the son are red herrings.

The whole terrorist thing is also a red herring, this is a family
versus warp religious beliefs story, in real life the Phelps
family has made the wrong choices, dismissing
family members who don't share their disgusting
views on gay people, and this is a fiction story about
one man's warp view of the Koran and whether
he will put his daughter's love first.

Well that's my take on it.

Time well tell.

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