Monday, October 15, 2012

HomeLand Review: "State of Independence"

The the third episode of the second season of the
brilliant Homeland was just as brilliant as the
rest of them.

It got off to a tense start, Saul getting caught at
customs in Lebanon and having his  flash drive taken off
of him, but in the style  of  "24", we saw that
he planned for this and had the real flash drive.

The scene with Brody and his wife was really just filler,
and I have a feeling they're going to do something
with Brody's daughter and one of her male friends.

A flat tyre for Brody as he was driving a terrorist
to a meeting point so the terrorist could leave the
country, added to the already high tension.

Hands over your eyes stuff, when the terrorist had
the car jack and then we he had the rock.

(When Carrie drove past the sign that had George Bush
centre for intelligence, she had a sly smile on her face.

Not sure if this was done on purpose, the producer of
the show is a Republican.

In the end, Brody lost the terrorist he was helping, when
he escaped from the gas station, or so we thought, a
wee incident in the forest (Not Brody's fault)

The phone call with his wife was generic, until he
did that WWE move.

Every time Claire Danes was in a scene, I was blown
away with.

Well fast forward to the end, Jessica's speech at
the fund raiser did what it was suppose to do, but
I think the scene at the end wasnt necessary.

Saul coming to show Carrie what was on the flash drive
was always coming, but it set up the next episode,

I got the feeling though, despite this being a
good episode, it was just filling in time in
terms of the storyline.


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