Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Homeland Review: "Beirut is Back" 02:02

The second episode of the second season of
Homeland titled "Beirut is Back" once again
had  amazing performances by it's actors.

The main plot of the episode was the Special
Ops team trying to take out Nazir. The tension
when Brody was in the situation Room was of
"24" quality and as the viewer you found yourself,
not knowing who to cheer for.

Because this is the slyness of this series, who is
good and who isn't it, and how are they going to
take the characters, for myself this is the key to
the show, other events that happened in last
night's episode was mere padding to what this
show is building up too.

On a side note, even though I like the daughter
character, I hope she doesn't play a big role,
remember the backlash from "24" at least
she looks the age she is playing.

This show is fast moving and now that Saul
has found the video, I think we can kinda guess
by his next actions where his loyalties lie.

Or can we?


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