Tuesday, October 9, 2012

First World Problems

Meet Kelsey Hughes, she should be the poster
child for "First World Problems" you see she was
about to board a jetstar flight,  when she was asked
for a medical certificate, she asked why, the jetstar
worker said because of your pregnancy.

She told them "I'm not pregnant"

The jetstar worker said sorry.

She said she was humiliated and embarrassed
in front of front of so many people, yet she
has gone running to the press to tell the
whole country.

My advice would be too get over yourself,
this I'm guessing would be a common occurance.

It just reeks of first world problems, with
what's happening all over the globe, a
person being asked if they are pregnant or not,
shouldn't be high on the list of people we give
sympathy too.

It's not a big deal Kesley,  it happened, take
it as a lesson learned.

Just my thoughts.

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