Thursday, October 25, 2012

Donald Trump tiny announcement

Donald Trump has lost all credibility, in fact he
has less credibility than Brent Buckman. He
has truly jumped the shark, heck I would go
as far to say as, he used to be Donald Trump.

His big announcement, that he thought would
shock America and change the election, turned
out to be the worse October surprise ever.

So what was it, well it was about him, he said
he would give five million to charity if he could
see President Obama's passport and college papers.

I think it's time for the media to stop giving these poor
little rich guys, media time and start concentrating on
the issues.

Trump, your time in the spotlight is over, thanks to
your announcement today, just go somewhere and
count your money, to measure your success, because
that is what success is to you.

Your not close to being  the man that President
Obama is,  in fact your close to being the man that
Brent Buckman is.

Goodbye Trump.

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