Monday, October 29, 2012

Dave Currie

Is Dave Currie the most selfish jerk in
New Zealand sport?

I think so.

Valerie Adams revealed in her book, that
in the 2008 Olympics, he got management
to lead a Haka for her.

Unfortunately he got them to do it, at 2008,
when New Zealand's champion sprinter James
Dolphin had his event in the early morning.

How can a chef de mission be so stupid, so
selfish, so full of his own importance, that he
would try this BS??

He has a long history of putting his ego before
the actual sports people. Holding up medal
ceremony's, commenting on what sports people
should be at a major event, and now this.

James Dolphin was one of our brightest sprint
hopes four years ago, he had gone thru the
USA collegiate system, only to be screwed
by Dave Currie.

Adams has now had the courage to speak out.

Here's hoping people will listen and Dave
Currie will never get close to another
New Zealand team again.

Time will tell.

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