Friday, October 19, 2012

Crispin Glover: Back to the future

I'm so glad that Crispin Glover has
finally spoken out over the REAL
reason he wasn't in Back to the
future 2/3, it took him over 25
years to do so, but he has finally
had his say.

We are all aware of the lawsuit,
where he sued Universal for trying
to make out that it was him in
back to the future 2 and not another

But that is the effect of him not being
in the movie, what was the cause?

For over 25 years Bob Gale the co
creater/producer/writer has said,
Crispin Glover wanted  twice as
much money as Michael J Fox,
and even said this on 25th anniversary DVD
released in 2010.

It would appear that Bob Gale is a liar and
has been lying for over 25 years.

In an interview with "avclub" Glover said
he bought up with Bob Gale, before shooting
the movie's final scene that the the characters
shouldn't be rich, but just deeply deeply
deeply in love with  each other while having
the potential to make money.

He said Gale and Zemickis were furious,
and told him he was playing George McFly

Crispin Glover said he was worried about
being fired, (he was only 20 while doing the

They actually only offered $125 thousand to
do the second  movie, half of what Lea and Tom
were getting, they also showed him the script,
and his character was to be hung upside down
for a back problem, this was a deliberate attempt
to make Crispin Glover uncomfortable while
shooting, and a punishment for asking questions
about the first movie.

Crispin Glover said he came to the conclusion,
that they didn't want him in the movie.

So Bob Gale has got what he wanted.

The thing that Crispin Glover cant get over
is why would Bob Gale continue to lie for
over 25 years, he said, he can understand
why he lied the first time, but to do so, for
so long, well he just had to speak out.

I don't blame him, it's sad this isn't more
public knowledge, and it's sad that
Bob Gale has continued to lie about
the greatest movie trilogy of all time,
the one he co created.

Well done to Crispin Glover, you
were amazing as George McFly, you
are George McFly.

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