Thursday, October 4, 2012

An Open Letter to Mothers at Malls

This is not a I hate kids post, I think kids should
be allowed to run free and have fun at Malls, you
only get to be a kid once.

This is to the mother of kids, who have some sort
of sense of entitlement, because they have a kid hanging
off of them.

Well guess what, you don't get to push and shove
people out of the way, if two people are walking in
the opposite direction down the mall and one person
is going out of their way to get out of your way, you
don't get to go as closer as possible so people have to climb
the walls like Spiderman to avoid you.

You don't get to take up four seats at a food court, one
for you,one for your purse, and two for a couple of your bags.

You don't get to swear like a Sailor because your
having a bad day.

Kids at Malls on school holidays are fine, but next
time, how about leaving your mothers at home.

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