Monday, October 8, 2012

A Disaster for Scott Neitlich and Matty Collector

This year has been a Disaster for Scott Neitlich and
Mattel's website Matty Collector.

The collectors aren't happy and it;s all down to the
dismal marketing of Mattel's Hoverboard.

It started earlier in the year, when they promised
a working hoverboard, saying it will do what it
did in the Back to the future movies.

They then had to backtrack saying it's a prop
replica, but they're working on something.

They then had to backtrack again saying, it's
just a prop replica it wont do anything.

They then had to backtrack again after the
disaster at Comic-con, when people were
left very disappointed.

Now Scott Neitlich has come out with
possibly the worst statement anyone at
Mattel has ever made, he said...

"It wont please everybody, but we tried our best"

Yes you read that right. Uhm Scott Neitlich this
is not what the consumer wants to hear. Below
are some other statements you might want to
try first...

1: "Not the best product, but it sorts of works"
2: "Its Mattel, what do you expect"
3: "Our toys are now without, Lead"
4: " Xmas, wouldnt be xmas without a plastic doll from China"
5: "Bringing smiles to our ceo's not our factory workers"
6: "Hey at least, we didnt make apple's gps thing"
7: "Our new wwe dolls have heart attacks"
8: "Sure it will break, but what ya going do"
9: "Cheap, nasty, and doesnt work, just like your mother"
10: "Only 125 bucks for 35 cents worth of parts"

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