Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The Truth Will Set Cameron Slater Free

Cameron Slater has become the new editor
at the newspaper, "The Truth"

Cameron Slater is the owner of the right
wing blog, "Whale Oil" which is New Zealand's
biggest blog.

He is famous here in New Zealand for naming
famous people who get charged convicted
of various crimes, despite the courts granting name

The truth newspaper was most famous in the
80's for being  a tabloid paper with page three
girls and sleazy ads at the back.

At the moment I would say Cameron Slater's
blog will get more hits than  The Truth's newspaper

Although some people might think this is no big
deal, if Cameron Slater can turn this paper around
and maybe make it like New Zealand's own little
newspaper version of Fox News, it might work.

The media here leans so far to the left, that anyone
on the far left is held in high esteem and dare not be
criticized, this might change all this.

Although I'm centre left myself, I say hats off
to Cameron Slater, who despite being very
right wing, is very much outspoken about gay
rights and a gay person's right to marry.

Who knows what will happen with The Truth,
I think I will wait for the online version, before
I look at the print version.

The Truth's first run with Cameron Slater as
editor is on November 8th.

Here's hoping it will be a good one.

Time will tell.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Thoughts with New York

An eerie eerie New York, here's hoping the day
dawns a lot brighter, thoughts with all those on the
east coast of the USA.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Dave Currie

Is Dave Currie the most selfish jerk in
New Zealand sport?

I think so.

Valerie Adams revealed in her book, that
in the 2008 Olympics, he got management
to lead a Haka for her.

Unfortunately he got them to do it, at 2008,
when New Zealand's champion sprinter James
Dolphin had his event in the early morning.

How can a chef de mission be so stupid, so
selfish, so full of his own importance, that he
would try this BS??

He has a long history of putting his ego before
the actual sports people. Holding up medal
ceremony's, commenting on what sports people
should be at a major event, and now this.

James Dolphin was one of our brightest sprint
hopes four years ago, he had gone thru the
USA collegiate system, only to be screwed
by Dave Currie.

Adams has now had the courage to speak out.

Here's hoping people will listen and Dave
Currie will never get close to another
New Zealand team again.

Time will tell.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Why are anti Gay people so Dumb?

How the hell have these two bigots survived through

I mean really?

It's one thing to be homophobic, but to be
this fuckin dumb also?

There has to be a limit.

No one should be this stupid.

I mean, they're adults for fuck sake.

How have they managed to survive this far?

Words fail me.

It's people like this, that would make me change my
pro immigration stance.

My message to these bigots is simple.

Fuck off, New Zealand is a place that loves everyone.
(except bigots)

My other message.

Learn to spell at least at a baby's level, before you write a sign.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Andrew Durante

Andrew Durante did the right thing.

Finally, a captain of a kiwi side in an
Australian sports league, saying what's
been happening for years.

Aussie teams cheat.

The Phoenix lost to the Adelaide  United, 3-1
tonight, was a disgrace to the game
of soccer.

Hang your head in shame United, hang
your head in Shame ref and linesmen.

Andrew Durante  is a new hero in my
book, he may get fined and even a ban
but he said what needed to be said.

It's always the kiwi sides that get
the wrong end of the stick.

Hats off to him!

Is Netball still this amateurish????

I cannot get over how much of a Amateur sport Netball
still is, we have been told by the liars in our media, that
they're the super  sports people that rule the court.

Yet, during the pass season, we have seen "a Hoist", players
lifting players up to block shots, (Show this footage to any
FEMALE basketballer or volleyballer and they would
p*ss themselves laughing. Yet our media tells us this
is great, its taking the sport of netball forward.

 What would take the sport forward is
Netballers being able to dunk like
the woman in the  WNBA and NCAA basketball comps.

Just a couple of nights ago, the best netball team in the world,
The Silver Ferns called a time out, what were the tactics given
by coach Waimarama Taumanu?

All she said was "They know our flick passes are fast, shoot faster"

Thats not a tactic, in fact not even at Middle School level in
the USA for GIRLS basketball, would a coach say something
so simple or void of any actual coaching, and the silver ferns
are suppose to be the best side in the world????

The media can't wash their hands of this, any criticism of netball
is normally called sexist by the likes of Brendan Telfer, fairfax
or TVNZ, yet it's not sexist, its just  comparing the sport of Netball
with the sport of WOMAN'S basketball, the difference in
professionalism is night and day, but no New Zealand Journo
would have enough balls to admit this.

Make no mistake, Netball is the worst thing to happen to
woman's sport in New Zealand, because Netballers are
the worst female sports people this country has produced.

The training, the coaching, the athletic ability of the players
are not even close to the female sports people overseas who play
Volleyball and Basketball, you could take a good high school
girls volleyball and Basketball team, teach them the rules
of Netball and in two weeks, they would thrash the Silverferns
by 50 points.

Yet our media stays silence. After that timeout against England,
every Journo in this country should've been speaking out,
instead of clapping like trained circus seals. That should've
been a real eye opener, that was not coaching.

But our media will never speak out.

It's a shame for female sports people in this country.

Our Journos think they are doing female sport a favour
by giving all this coverage to Netball, but they're killing
female sport.

It will never change.

Friday, October 26, 2012

The Office Review: "Here Comes Treble"

The Office's Halloween episode, Here Comes Treble,
was made for me by one quick scene.

In fact for this scene alone it gets 10/10.

All the office workers, except for Jim, dressed up
for Halloween, Creed came in with blood splattered
all over his shirt, in the talking head segment, he
told the camera, "It's Halloween??, well that's good

I don't think I have ever laughed harder at a Creed
scene, classic Creed.

The story line of Jim donating 10 grand to his new
business with Pam being angry, will only work if
the writers go somewhere with it, they could be
very very brave or chicken out.

I like the Dwight and Nellie relationship, at the
end, Nellie seeing Dwight was in need of some
medication and her being totally ambiguous about
it was sweet.

As for the Senator and Oscar, I can take or leave
that story.

Andy is being a bit of jerk, and that story line was
slightly unbelievable, but the twist with Andy's
parents being broke was a good one.

All in all, again it was Creed, with just one line,
that stole the episode.


Thursday, October 25, 2012

Modern Family Review: "Open House of Horrors"

Tonight was Modern Family's Halloween episode.

As usual, there were so so many oneliners, that will
go down as classic.

Halloween episodes and Theme episodes are great,
because they're not overbearing, there is not plot
points for the rest of the season, they're just fun.

Open house of Horrors, was a fun episode. I'm
trying to judge what the best line was,  it has to
be a tie between  Phil and Manny, Phil's line
was  "Seriously though, a Gryffindor letting his mom
 carry his quidditch broom? How Hufflepuff is that?"

Manny's line was, "If only this broom had real magical
powers like Mary Poppin's"

The Cam and Mitch storyline of Cam wanting
people to notice he lost  weight and Mitch
telling Lilly her mother was a princess, worked,
and I'm very impressed by the child actor playing

Gloria being emotional and Jay noticing his age,
seemed added on.

I have to say that I was genuinely scared when Phil
thought he was alone in the house.

A great episode, could've used more of Alex and
Haley didn't appear in it at all, a great use of Manny though
and Luke had a couple of good lines.

All in all, this show is the best in Television, very
funny and scary episode.


Donald Trump tiny announcement

Donald Trump has lost all credibility, in fact he
has less credibility than Brent Buckman. He
has truly jumped the shark, heck I would go
as far to say as, he used to be Donald Trump.

His big announcement, that he thought would
shock America and change the election, turned
out to be the worse October surprise ever.

So what was it, well it was about him, he said
he would give five million to charity if he could
see President Obama's passport and college papers.

I think it's time for the media to stop giving these poor
little rich guys, media time and start concentrating on
the issues.

Trump, your time in the spotlight is over, thanks to
your announcement today, just go somewhere and
count your money, to measure your success, because
that is what success is to you.

Your not close to being  the man that President
Obama is,  in fact your close to being the man that
Brent Buckman is.

Goodbye Trump.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

President Obama wins last debate

That's the debates over.

Roll on the election!!!

I'm guessing a second term.

Time will tell.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

October 21 2015

Three more years.

 October 21st 2015 is the day, the greatest
day in the History of Earth, no day on
earth will be happier for all the earth's humans.

You see October 21 2015 is the day that (according
to the movie back to the future 2) we finally get

Sure, here on October 21 2012, some physics
professors,such as Michio Kaku might say, "We
aren't that advanced yet and we won't have
Hoverboards by 2015"

Well I say "Not with that attitude"

I believe in Marty, Doc and Jennifer, I believe
the date October 21 2015 was picked for a
reason, I believe that on every corner of the
planet, we will have Hoverboards, some
might even have pitbulls, and the future
will be here.

We won't have flying cars, or clothes that
dry themselves, or any other gadget like
that, but we will have HOVERBOARDS!

So to the world's scientist's, to the Geeks,
to the engineers, to the brainiest people
on earth, stop worrying about creating
what you have been creating, it is now, October
21 2012, you have three more years, three
more years, till you give the people of earth,
the greatest invention in HISTORY.








Saturday, October 20, 2012

Garth Brooks Big Annoucement

On Sunday USA time, Garth Brooks gets inducted to
the country music hall of fame.

This is a huge deal, but what his fans appear to be
waiting for, is the next step in his career, he will
make an announcement about on what that next step will be.

The wait is nearly over Garth fans.

A long 11 years, in between we have had a one man
show in Vegas, some charity concerts and a couple
of boxsets, but on Sunday, (USA TIME) we will
find out, where Garth goes from here.

Time will tell.

New Zealand Protests Hate

To the vile vile people who desecrated  the Jewish
graves in New Zealand, our country hate the hate
that you guys promote.

It was disgusting what you did, how sick can some
people be?

You guys are on a low pare with the sick human beings
that destroyed a 9/11 memorial here in chch, two days
after it happen.

How some people can have that much hate in them is
beyond me.

NewZealanders are mostly full of love for everybody,
this type of BS, doesn't belong in our country, either
do you guys.

Well done to the people who turned up to protest hate.

Here's hoping the Graves will be restored.

Michio Kaku you have 1096 days left

Michio Kaku, you have 1096 days left to invent
a real working Hoverboard, you are the brainiest
man on the planet, you know more about physics
than anyone else, even Stephen Hawking.

We aren't asking for a time machine, or self
lacing shoes, we aren't asking for clothes
that dry themselves, or microwave ovens that
turn mini pizzas into full size pizzas.

All you have to do is invent a Hoverboard for
release on October 21 2015, the day in
Back to the Future 2,  where Doc and
Marty and Jennifer went forward in time.

So how about a Hoverboard
by October 21 2015.

You have three years.

Will you let us down.

Or will you become the most popular
person in earth.

Time will tell.

Friday, October 19, 2012

October 21st 2015

Bob Gale: Back to the Future

An Open Letter to Bob Gale:

First, thank you for co creating the
greatest movie trilogy of all time and
one of the most special pieces of
art I have ever witness.

The Back to the future movies mean
so so much to myself and millions of
movie goers.

The genius and heart behind it, is amazing
and so were the performances, especially
the performance of Crispin Glover.

Which bring me to my rather unsavory

Why have you lied for all these years about
the reason Crispin Glover wasn't in Back
to the future 2?

He kept his silence, until recently, but because
you have kept on repeating the same lie
over and over again, he felt the need to
say something.

So why have you kept lying??

You know, that he wasn't in part 2, not because
 he asked for double the money of Michael
J Fox, but  the real reason was because
you were beeped off that he questioned the
ending of part one.

So why do to continue to tell the same lie
for over 25 years?

I love what you created, but I can't
get over the fact that you would
lie about someone for so so long,

Will I get an answer?

Time will tell.

Crispin Glover: Back to the future

I'm so glad that Crispin Glover has
finally spoken out over the REAL
reason he wasn't in Back to the
future 2/3, it took him over 25
years to do so, but he has finally
had his say.

We are all aware of the lawsuit,
where he sued Universal for trying
to make out that it was him in
back to the future 2 and not another

But that is the effect of him not being
in the movie, what was the cause?

For over 25 years Bob Gale the co
creater/producer/writer has said,
Crispin Glover wanted  twice as
much money as Michael J Fox,
and even said this on 25th anniversary DVD
released in 2010.

It would appear that Bob Gale is a liar and
has been lying for over 25 years.

In an interview with "avclub" Glover said
he bought up with Bob Gale, before shooting
the movie's final scene that the the characters
shouldn't be rich, but just deeply deeply
deeply in love with  each other while having
the potential to make money.

He said Gale and Zemickis were furious,
and told him he was playing George McFly

Crispin Glover said he was worried about
being fired, (he was only 20 while doing the

They actually only offered $125 thousand to
do the second  movie, half of what Lea and Tom
were getting, they also showed him the script,
and his character was to be hung upside down
for a back problem, this was a deliberate attempt
to make Crispin Glover uncomfortable while
shooting, and a punishment for asking questions
about the first movie.

Crispin Glover said he came to the conclusion,
that they didn't want him in the movie.

So Bob Gale has got what he wanted.

The thing that Crispin Glover cant get over
is why would Bob Gale continue to lie for
over 25 years, he said, he can understand
why he lied the first time, but to do so, for
so long, well he just had to speak out.

I don't blame him, it's sad this isn't more
public knowledge, and it's sad that
Bob Gale has continued to lie about
the greatest movie trilogy of all time,
the one he co created.

Well done to Crispin Glover, you
were amazing as George McFly, you
are George McFly.

The Office Review: "Work Bus"

The latest Office episode Work Bus, has me in two
minds, there has been worse episodes, but for me,
it's kinda tiring for the writers to keep showing us,
what a nice guy Jim is, we get it, he is smarter
than Dwight, he is funnier, he will do anything for
Pam, and he is a nice.

We know all this, and wouldn't it be nice if there
was a real confrontation between Jim and

Instead we got Dwight being upset, and Jim
being nice talking him down to drive the
office to get pies. (watch the show and
you will know what I'm talking about)

Also the turn around in the Nellie character,
surly that had to do with viewer feedback from
season eight, she is actually likable now.

Not sure why they are trying to make Andy
mostly mean???

Anyway, that is all I want to say about tonight's
episode, I just hope they are going  somewhere
with it all.


Scott Neitlich demonstrates Hoverboard

Scott Neitlich has put a video up over at Matty's
youtube site, demonstrating the Hoverboard.

It does what he says it does, you lay it flat and it
makes the noises, and it does actually look like
the movie Hoverboard.

His bosses at Mattel has also done the right thing
by letting people cancel their order, if they have
changed their minds.

I'm still torn about this thing, as I said in a post
I did months ago, if this was 1989, it would be
a brilliant toy to have, but being 2012, I expected
more, sure the actual Hover technology stuff
is still so far off, but maybe they could've work
on some sort of magnetic stand that would make
the thing float, like some French artist did??

Still it does look like the Hoverboard, once
this thing is in the hands of its customers, I
will be very interested to see what the
reaction will be.

Time will tell.

Brave Young Muslim Feminists

Hats off to these brave young girls.

A school in Britain for Muslim girls are proudly
supporting Malala Yousafzai, they are showing
the world, it's the right thing to do to stand up
to Terrorism and hate.

They are also standing up for education and free
speech and rights.

Unlike some Middle Eastern Governments and
Ideologists  who for some reason want to Blame
the USA  for the shooting,  these girls aren't political,
 they know right from wrong, they are standing up for Malala
Yousafzai, who got shot in the head by the
Taliban, they didnt wait for an official press
statement from the terror group, they didn't
pick and choose what media outlet they watch.

They saw a girl that got shot, and stood by her,
they stood by her for her right for an education,
for a right to have free speech, for the right to
choose what ever life they want.

They're the strongest Feminists on the Planet.

Here's hoping more people will join their cause.

Time will tell.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Modern Family Review: "The Butler's Escape"

The fourth episode of the fourth season revolved
around, Luke wanting to give up magic, Gloria's
snoring and Mitch and Cam struggling with
their reverse roles.

I really like this episode, probably the best thing
about it was not really the main story lines.

I like that they have made Alex mean, she is
obviously missing her sister and needs that
confrontation with her, so it was great that
she got to skype, and thus balance got
restored to the house hold.

Although I do hope they will do more
with the Alex character.

The Cam and Mitch storyline was predictable
but had some real funny moments, Lily ripping
out the music chord was probably her best all
scene, Cam's faces while playing the music to
the students and the F Mr Tucker was also

The snoring story line with Gloria was okay,
but didnt really do much for me.

The Luke and Phil story line was good, and
turned great with the hug at the end. I'm sure
Luke had that planned.

Best line of the night had to be Jay's...

Your huge, your loud ,its like sleeping with Rush Limbaugh.

Overall a good episode.


Scott Neitlich: Hoverboard

(UPDATE: Ive changed the title of this post, Scott has informed
me, via one of my questions at Matty Collector, it was
his mistake the Hoverboard didnt make the sounds,
he didn't need to shake it, he just had to hold it
flat, I believe him)

Scott Neitlich had an interview with MTV dated
October 16th I think.

He had the Hoverboard with him.

First off it didnt work, he had to shake it
 hard and then bang it to make the sounds.
The interviewer said, "Its not working" Scott
 said and I quote. "It's temperamental"

Once it worked the sounds itself didnt sound
like the ones in the movie, even though they
were lifted from the Movie.

Secondly, again like with every interview
 he was ambiguous, when asked "Does it Float"
he replied "Not exactly" (Is Mattel trying to fool dumb people?)

If it sells well, he suggested there will be a
year two and possibly a pitbill.

ps: (Nothing to do with this post, but I'm guessing
you could fit in some "That's what she said" quotes
in this post.)

Scott Neitlich must be thick skinned

Scott Neitlich must be thick skinned over the
public reaction to Mattel's Prop Replica Hoverboard,
or Movie Accurate Hoverboard or now as
Mattel is promoting it "An amazing toy"

I believe he is genuine in his belief, that the Hoverboard
is an amazing toy, and I believe his team believes
it also, here's the thing, it appears the public is not
too happy, now perhaps the public is too picky, and
perhaps when this thing gets sent out, we will all
be blown away by it.

Back to the future was a special movie trilogy that
still holds a dear dear place in people's hearts, it
takes us back to our childhood, I was a teen when
it first came out, and boy oh boy, I  wanted a hoverboard,
not knowing much about Quantum Physics, I didn't
understand it will probably never be in my life time.

My big sadness with this is, too wait 25 years for
a Movie Prop Replica, that is not exactly a
replica, but just a look a like, is a let down.

I still have hope though, and I hope Scott Neitlich
understands the mindset of the average back to
the future fan is maybe different to the mindset of
the average collector.

We want to think back to what we felt while watching the
movie, we want that feeling, I sincerely hope you can
deliver Scott, because at the moment, I'm not
that hopeful, and I'm normally a hopeful person.

Time will tell.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Scott Neitlich and the Mattycollector Revolt

There seems to be a bit of a revolt among the
mattycollector's consumers, over at their forums.

Again it's directed at Scott Neitlich and the handling
of the Hoverboard promotion.

I myself have been way too critical in the past of
Scott Neitlich, and have since toned down my
criticism, and I still have hope that the Hoverboard
will be as amazing as Scott says it will be.

Here are some of the comments that have been directed
at Scott and Mattel.

From MattyCollector forums...

Please don't insult us further with your scripted enthusiastic 
replies and explain why it has changed from a "screen
 accurate prop" to "an amazing toy". No legal team
 in the world could protect you from your very obvious
 mistakes, rushed product, and appalling responses/trolling.

At this point, I'm positive you've spoken to Matty's
 legal department and have been briefed on what 
you can say and cannot say.

Honestly, I feel bad for you because this

 mess is falling on your doorstep and you're 
being demonized as if this whole fiasco was 
entirely your fault. I, having worked in corporate
 America, understand that you're at the mercy of
 your superiors, which I'm sure is the case here.

I hope that you don't dismiss my email. It is extremely frustrating
 to see the lack of communication and dismissive short responses. 

You stressed the accuracy so much in that video 
(even showing us the Ghostbusters prop as an example). 
You STRESSED accuracy. Please don't be dismissive 
when we "call out" the team on the glaring inaccuracies
 that you yourself promised you were working to make
 it as accurate as possible. I can understand some liberty
 can be taken with the colors, but the magnets and brackets
 are just cringe-worthingly off.

I have taken a good portion of time today to
 write this. I hope you or your team would have
 enough respect for me to write something that
 was more than a one sentence answer.

I hope that any changes that need to be made to
 make this "Movie-accurate down to the smallest
 detail", your words, should be made even if this
 meant a delay in release.

Please don't answer saying that "everyone at NYCC
 loved it" or that you're proud of it. Please give me some
 honest answers as to why this has turned out so badly,
 was it the budget? management problems? etc? Orders 
were placed based on YOU saying that this would be
 movie accurate, which it isn't. You have a lot of annoyed
 buyers, who do not appreciate one line replies.

What I take from all of this, is people are upset mainly
with the one sentence answer from Scott, and believe
he is being told what to say by Mattel's legal team, he
is being very very careful with his answers.

I'm sure Scott is a great guy and his hands may be
tied, what he needs to understand is Back to the
Future fans are a different breed of people, we 
are not the usual Sci-Fi fans, it means a lot to
us and we hope anybody involved with anything
to do with Back to the Future will have the same 

Here's hoping when the Hoverboard does get
sent out and released, that the MattyCollector
forums will be full of praise for Scott Neitlcih
for a wonderful movie accurate-prop replica

Time will tell.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Martin Crowe diagnosed with Cancer

Thoughts and wishes to Martin and his family
and friends.

Here's hoping he makes a full recovery.

Monday, October 15, 2012

HomeLand Review: "State of Independence"

The the third episode of the second season of the
brilliant Homeland was just as brilliant as the
rest of them.

It got off to a tense start, Saul getting caught at
customs in Lebanon and having his  flash drive taken off
of him, but in the style  of  "24", we saw that
he planned for this and had the real flash drive.

The scene with Brody and his wife was really just filler,
and I have a feeling they're going to do something
with Brody's daughter and one of her male friends.

A flat tyre for Brody as he was driving a terrorist
to a meeting point so the terrorist could leave the
country, added to the already high tension.

Hands over your eyes stuff, when the terrorist had
the car jack and then we he had the rock.

(When Carrie drove past the sign that had George Bush
centre for intelligence, she had a sly smile on her face.

Not sure if this was done on purpose, the producer of
the show is a Republican.

In the end, Brody lost the terrorist he was helping, when
he escaped from the gas station, or so we thought, a
wee incident in the forest (Not Brody's fault)

The phone call with his wife was generic, until he
did that WWE move.

Every time Claire Danes was in a scene, I was blown
away with.

Well fast forward to the end, Jessica's speech at
the fund raiser did what it was suppose to do, but
I think the scene at the end wasnt necessary.

Saul coming to show Carrie what was on the flash drive
was always coming, but it set up the next episode,

I got the feeling though, despite this being a
good episode, it was just filling in time in
terms of the storyline.


New York Comic-con Hoverboard

It would appear, that the Final Hoverboard model
shown at NewYork's comic-con may not in fact
be the final model that goes out to fans.

Here's hoping this is true, although they must
be pushed for time, since shipping is in November.

Scott Neitlich and his Mattel team have taken a
lot of grief by fans all over and especially at
matty collector.

Maybe they will get this thing right.

Time will tell.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Have I been too harsh on Scott Neitlich??

It's come to my attention, that I may of been too
Harsh on Scott Neitlich, a pervious post I did
a few months back, blamed Scott for the reason
we don't have a proper working Hoverboard.

I have been informed in the comment section of
that post, by a guy who knows Scott, and he
can confirm that Scott is a genuine toy fan, who
if he could, would move heaven and earth, if he
could've produced a REAL Hoverboard.

So I believe this poster, and give Scott the benefit of
the doubt.

My advice to Mattel would be, dont take out
internet ads with the words "Hoverboards, they're
real and Magnificent"  That leads to the consumer
getting a false impression.

Scott Neitlich: The Final Disappointment

(Update, instead of editing this post, I have done another
dated 14th October, I received a comment on an earlier
post about Scott, by someone who knows him, so think
its only fair to mention that)

Well, It's been nine months, and as predicted, Mattel's
Scott Neitlich, A.K.A toyguru,  has given the prop replica fans,
 their final and biggest disappointment.

Never in the History of a company, did a company have
so much LUCK in the prop replica market, not only did
they decide to do a Prop Replica of the greatest fictional
 toy ever, but there was no need to spend millions on

Why, because Bob Fuckin  Gale came in with the prop
itself, yes Bob Gale, (sure he screwed Crispin
Glover and lied about if for 25 years) but that is
beside the point, Bob Gale is back to the future, and
he went along to Mattel, to see Scott Neitlich and
his designers so Mattel could create a MOVIE
accurate version of the hoverboard.

So Mattel actually had the Hoverboard, they
needed to work on!!!

So what did Scott and Mattel do, well they didn't
listen to the consumers for one, they also kept
silence for most of all the time, except for
advertising and BS promotion on sites like
Beyond the Marquee.

Then there was comic con in San Diego, and
the Hoverboard fans were shocked, but were
told, by Scott Neitlich that "It's a work in progress"

Again there was silence, and now with Comic- Con
in New York, what have they unveiled???

It anit a mother fuckin Hoverboard, that is for

It's worse looking than the one in San Diego.

It's worse looking than the one the 10 year
old kid from Slough in the U.K made for his
middle school class project.

What did Scott Neitlich, (who certainly isn't
a toy guru) say to his bosses at Mattel??

I'm guessing NOTHING!

They're got their customers money and that
is all they care about.

This has to be the most poorly handled
promotion since New Coke.

Scott, if your reading this, You had BOB
GALE at your disposal, you had the

What were you thinking?

Because I have no idea, what this thing
is, in New York City.

Answers would be nice.

Save Big Bird!

A March to save Big Bird and his PBS friend has been
organized .

Mitt Romney said if he became President, he would
cut funding for PBS.

With all the things that could be cut, it seems strange
that he would go after a puppet.

The March will take place at the National Mall
on November.

I'm guess it will be light hearted and fun!

Time will tell.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Joe Biden:1000 Paul Ryan:0

Holy Cow, never in the history of
debates, has any debate been so
one sided.

Joe Biden ran out of bubblegum,
so he had to kick ass and kick ass
he did.

Even Michael Moore would
probably feel sorry for Paul

This wasn't even close, Paul
Ryan got made out to be
a lying scared little boy,
getting told off by the school

I have no idea what was going
thru his head, Ryan certainly
had a lot of water going thru
his body though.

#sippycup is now trending
on twitter.

Congrats to Joe Biden, he
anit the dummy Faux News
thinks he is.

The public already already knew

Pity some right wing commentators

Phil Dunphy's Phil’s-osophy

I want this book.

Come on, Modern family writers, release it to
the book stores.

Matthew Elliott New Warriors Coach

The Warriors have announced that Matthew Elliott
will be their new head coach for the 2013 season.

The former Canberra and Panthers coach should
fit right in with the Warriors.

The Warriors now have someone who knows how to
coach the Aussie game.

I'm picking playoffs next season!!

Time will tell.

Hone Harawira: A Political User

Hone Harawira is a political user. Make no mistake.

He is not an activist, he is not a political prisoner.

He is not a hero to the people, he doesn't fight for rights.

Hone Harawira is a racist and a law breaker.

Now he's trying to destroy some Police officer's careers.

Make no mistake the Police were just doing their jobs.

Of course though, Hone's friends in the media will turn
this into something it anit.

When he got arrested last night for blocking the Police,
he deserved it.

It was the typical, left wing protest, John Minto was there
screaming about police brutality.

Do guys like John Minto and Hone Harawira ever think about the
harm they're doing to the Policemen and Policewoman who
are just doing their jobs? Or the fact that their lies
and hate could lead to violence against the Police?

Of course not, all they have ever thought about is
their own ideology and personal gain.

Too bad the NewZealand media wont paint it that way,
or that their supporters will continue their hate protests
against the Police.

Here's hoping Justice will be dealt to the likes
of John Minto and Hone Harawiri.

I anit holding my breath though.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Modern Family Review: "Snip"

The second of tonight's episode was titled "Snip".

Although not as funny as tonight's first episode, Snip
was very very good indeed.

The episode had two very clever visual jokes, Cam's
outfit matching the bedroom curtains and when Phil
was sitting on the bench covering part of his own
real estate ad, which meant it read "Not a real man"

Jay must of thought all his Xmas's had come at once.

I'm glad that Alex's run as a goth appears to be a short
lived thing and Phil must be glad that he doesn't go
through with a vasectomy.

Again Modern Family pulled the right heart strings
near the end, it was great to see Claire in these

Cam going back as a music teacher was a
nice touch, and Gloria coming to her senses
made actual sense.

Overall a great episode, that was overshadowed
by the first episode of the night, which will
become an all time favorite with fans.

Fav lines from Snip.

Is it a Vascetdayou or a Vastecdame
Don't you a raven to train
We're going need a bigger belt
You dont get to talk Morticia


Modern Family Review: "Schooled"

A double dose of Modern Family tonight.

It started off with the episode "Schooled".

Modern family's Schooled was far far too good,
nearly everyline was said perfectly, every action
was done perfectly, it's hard to review
a show, which has reached perfection.

It had three story lines, Gloria and Jay taking a parenting class,
Cam and Mitch's argument with a Lesbian couple over their
children fighting in Kindergarten and Phil and Claire dropping
Hayley off at College.

The Jay and Gloria storyline was funny, with Jay or course being
very much politcally incorrect, it was so like Jay and Gloria too
pass notes in class. Of course Jay and Gloria left the class early, his
comment "I felt like a Burrito" will make sense too all that watched it.

Cam and Mitch's fight with a Lesbian couple was pure comedy,
this is the storyline that probably had the best oneliners, it was
also very clever the way Cam and Mitch explained why Gay men
and Lesbian woman don't get along.

Again, the emotional side to this episode, was dropping off Hayley
at college, the scene with Phil mistakes a college student for his
wife was pricelss, but it was near the end, with hayley calling her
parents up from college, after reading Phil's book, that will have
you in tears, very very sweet indeed.

I cant write enough, how I enjoyed this latest episode,  this show
has now grown into something special, long may it continue.

Fav Quotes from this episode

Dont dork up our room, dont slut up your college
Is this kindergarten or the hunger games
I saw it on the L word, I persume they have consultants.
Dance until your feet hurt, sing until your lungs hurt, act until your
William Hurt.


Riaa Top Selling artists of all time

The RIAA top selling artists of all time. (In Millions)

BEATLES, THE          177
PRESLEY, ELVIS      134.5
LED ZEPPELIN        111.5
EAGLES                   100
JOEL, BILLY            81.5
PINK FLOYD         74.5
JOHN, ELTON        72
AC/DC                    71.5
STREISAND           71.5

Brave Woman Support Malala Yousafzai

This is what I like to see, brave woman of Pakistan
standing up to radical Islam and the Taliban.

The Taliban who shot Malala Yousafzai has now
come out and said "If she survives we will kill her"

How sub human can you get, but a few strong
woman have came out to protest.

My question is, where is the Government of
Pakistan, sure they have offered a reward, but
that is not enough, these Governments have a
culture of saying one thing, but trying to protect

They need to use their state control media and
tell the people of Pakistan, that females are
allowed to have an education, that the west isn't
evil, and America is not the cause of the world's

The Pakistan Government and governments like
them, cannot wash their hands of this tragic
event, they need to front up and break the
culture of silence, all Muslims need to, like
these brave brave woman.

I'm kinda guessing though they will blame the
western media and not the real cause of
the problem.

Here's hoping those that tried to kill
Malala Yousafzai will be held to

Time will tell.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Nature Calls (2012)

An Open letter to Hollywood.

Recently South Park did an episode,
called "Raising the Bar" it was about
how the bar has been Lowered so
much, people will watch anything, and
that is not good for society.

Well the bar has been lowered again, with
what is  the WORST MOVIE

I'm judging this on the trailer alone, the movie
is set for release on November.

I beg you Hollywood, don't release this movie
in the cinemas, please put it straight to video,
that way, this crime against nature, doesn't get
to be part of cinema history.

When Rob Schneider turns you down, you
know you have a problem.

Please don't release this piece of crap, dont
make movie ushers have to walk into the
theatre while this is on, your talking about
people's time here, don't waste 90 minutes of
people's lifes.

You guys have created the biggest piece of
crap ever, I don't have the skills as a writer
to show my disgust at this abomination that
is suppose to be a  film, in fact how dare
anyone call this a film, it's not, it should
be the poster child for everything that is
wrong with the universe.

How dare you guys do this, to the public.

Please oh please, don't make this
piece of donkey diarrhea, a part
of cinema history.

Straight to video please.

Young Person of the Year

Meet Malala Yousufzai, she recently won
the International Child Peace Prize for her
blog that promoted a girl's right to get an
education under an Islamic state.

She also recently got shot for it. Yep the Islamic
Taliban Terrorists didn't like, that she was speaking
up, or wanting an education, so they shot her.

But who else is too blame for this??

Well I say the  government's of the middle east, the
so called friends of the west, for not condemning
the actions of terrorists more strongly.

For them to take as little action as they did
was appalling.

They seem to care about about protecting their
reputation and disassociating themselves from the
Terrorists, instead of doing what is right.

The same can be said about the leaders in the
middle east and their response to the youtube video "The
innocence of Muslims"

They basically shut up and said nothing, AlJazeera
TV ( The Islamic version of Faux News) reported
it as An American made Video, not a video made
by an American, and also have failed to report the
tens of millions of dollars of Aid the USA has given
to Egypt.

They've failed to tell their people the truth.

It sickens me.

So here's to a full recovery for the brave
Malala Yousufzai and heres hoping she
can continue to get a higher education.

I'm sure America will give her the opportunity,
not that people would admit that in certain
countries of the world.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Homeland Review: "Beirut is Back" 02:02

The second episode of the second season of
Homeland titled "Beirut is Back" once again
had  amazing performances by it's actors.

The main plot of the episode was the Special
Ops team trying to take out Nazir. The tension
when Brody was in the situation Room was of
"24" quality and as the viewer you found yourself,
not knowing who to cheer for.

Because this is the slyness of this series, who is
good and who isn't it, and how are they going to
take the characters, for myself this is the key to
the show, other events that happened in last
night's episode was mere padding to what this
show is building up too.

On a side note, even though I like the daughter
character, I hope she doesn't play a big role,
remember the backlash from "24" at least
she looks the age she is playing.

This show is fast moving and now that Saul
has found the video, I think we can kinda guess
by his next actions where his loyalties lie.

Or can we?


Best Political Cartoon for a While

First World Problems

Meet Kelsey Hughes, she should be the poster
child for "First World Problems" you see she was
about to board a jetstar flight,  when she was asked
for a medical certificate, she asked why, the jetstar
worker said because of your pregnancy.

She told them "I'm not pregnant"

The jetstar worker said sorry.

She said she was humiliated and embarrassed
in front of front of so many people, yet she
has gone running to the press to tell the
whole country.

My advice would be too get over yourself,
this I'm guessing would be a common occurance.

It just reeks of first world problems, with
what's happening all over the globe, a
person being asked if they are pregnant or not,
shouldn't be high on the list of people we give
sympathy too.

It's not a big deal Kesley,  it happened, take
it as a lesson learned.

Just my thoughts.

Monday, October 8, 2012

A Disaster for Scott Neitlich and Matty Collector

This year has been a Disaster for Scott Neitlich and
Mattel's website Matty Collector.

The collectors aren't happy and it;s all down to the
dismal marketing of Mattel's Hoverboard.

It started earlier in the year, when they promised
a working hoverboard, saying it will do what it
did in the Back to the future movies.

They then had to backtrack saying it's a prop
replica, but they're working on something.

They then had to backtrack again saying, it's
just a prop replica it wont do anything.

They then had to backtrack again after the
disaster at Comic-con, when people were
left very disappointed.

Now Scott Neitlich has come out with
possibly the worst statement anyone at
Mattel has ever made, he said...

"It wont please everybody, but we tried our best"

Yes you read that right. Uhm Scott Neitlich this
is not what the consumer wants to hear. Below
are some other statements you might want to
try first...

1: "Not the best product, but it sorts of works"
2: "Its Mattel, what do you expect"
3: "Our toys are now without, Lead"
4: " Xmas, wouldnt be xmas without a plastic doll from China"
5: "Bringing smiles to our ceo's not our factory workers"
6: "Hey at least, we didnt make apple's gps thing"
7: "Our new wwe dolls have heart attacks"
8: "Sure it will break, but what ya going do"
9: "Cheap, nasty, and doesnt work, just like your mother"
10: "Only 125 bucks for 35 cents worth of parts"

The Green Party of New Zealand

The Green Party of New Zealand has surly jumped
the shark.

How can Russell Norman be so stupid, now even an
11 year old kid taking his first economics class would
come up with this policy.

I'm at a loss as too why Russell Norman would say
this?? Can anyone tell me?? There has been warped
policies before from the Green Party, but this takes
the cake, it's beyond belief.

In case you haven't heard Russell Norman of the
Green Party has stated to fixed New Zealand's high
dollar and economic woes, he wants to...


Please let me know when the Greens are cemented
in reality.

They're aren't even close at the moment.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Wellington Phoenix's New Star

Louis Fenton.

The Wellington Phoenix 2-0 victory over
Sydney was not only amazing for the way
they played, very attacking style, didn't
try to defend for 60 minutes, but for the
rise of a 19 year old kid Louis Fenton.

Louis Fenton is a home grown star, his goal
last night would belong in any league in the
world, it was not just his goal though, he keep
going and going. (oh to have young legs)

This is the start the Wellington Phoenix needed,
an entertaining win, the young players stepping
up, and a real star in the making.

What a way to start the season!

Saturday, October 6, 2012

South Park: "Raising the Bar"

South Park's latest episode, must be the best episode
South Park has done in a long long long time.

It had a go at society, without reverting to over the
top grossness.

What I took from the episode was, when as humans
did we decide to watch anything just because it's
on television.

The episode made fun of the repulsive parents of
abused child, Honey Boo Boo and the public and
the network that airs such drivel.

The connection that the bar has been lowered so long
and this is what we are stuck with, is so true.

The point that obesity is a epidemic and a problem
but not a disease was brilliant, using Cartman on
a mobility scooter.

Didn't get the hate for Randy Newman though?

Best line of the night was Cartman's rant about how
society wants us all to flat stomach's and perky tits
like Kyle.

I hope the TLC channel watched this and learned

The bar is too low, and it took a gross out cartoon
to teach us.

Well done, Matt and Trey.

Susan Pepperell of the NZ Herald

While doing research for a rather lengthly post, that
I may or may not end up posting, I came across,
Susan Pepperell writer for the New Zealand Herald.

She sums up the disingenuous writing style of not
only the New Zealand media, but the left wing
Feminist blogosphere and the relationship the
Herald and the blogosphere keeps quiet.

I discovered during my research, that she had written
a piece on someone, and in her piece she describes
this woman as inspirational and goes on to mention
all the hardships she has gone through and how
brilliant this lady is.

What Susan Pepperell of the New Zealand Herald
failed to tell her readers, that not only had she
a previous friendship with this lady, but she knew
the writers from the Feminist left wing blog The Hand Mirror
and that the lady had previously been asked to write
pieces for the New Zealand Herald, along with several
members of the site the hand mirror.

This is Journalism at it's worst, this is like Faux News
using Romney staff's as their commentators and
not telling people.

Various left wing blogs love to tell people that
the New Zealand Herald is right wing, but what
they and the herald don't tell is the connection between
the two.

The connection between the nzherald  and
The Hand Mirror is deep.  If the feminist
writers of the nzherald want to make a point
they just call up their buddies to write as impartial
commentators, knowing full well the bloggers
will write the point the WRITERS want them
to get across.

One of the more sneaky tricks used by the
writers of the nzherald is too quote these
writers, but again not telling the public of
the previous relationship they have.

For myself this is almost like some repulsive
form of viral marketing, in fact it's downright

If as a Journalist you want to make a point,
how about getting someone neutral, or
at least, at the very very least, LET the
public know, you know the person your

Anything else is a lie.

To the NZherald and The Hand Mirror,
how about you guys,  stop being sneaky and being
more honest.

I anit holding my breath though.

Money Money Money

Is it wrong to put an ad on your blog, well
it's not really an ad, it's one of those unruly media

You will be happy to know in five years, I have
not made any money, not even a cent from this blog, a blog
should be about your personal thoughts, and not
making money.

Just my two cents worth.

Friday, October 5, 2012

The Office Review: "Andys Ancestry" 09:03

The episode starts off with Asian Jim, which was
funny, but a bit of a insult to Dwight's character,
he wouldn't be that thick would he? A bit
over the top, but the scene worked.

I loved Darryl's sound bites, it was almost a spoof
on the mock doco format and the Office itself.

I liked that Kevin joined in with the clapping with
the new guys.

The toned down Nellie is actually funny. I like the
prank on Andy, tricking him to thinking his family
owned slaves.

Pam being upset that Jim didn't tell her earlier about
his business opportunity had a realness about it, also
nice that Darryl will now be apart of it.

Couple of other side stories, that were okay.

A nice simple episode that was funny and it worked.