Friday, September 28, 2012

The Office Review: "Roy's Wedding" 09:01

Last season, I ripped into the Office, because of the
Nellie character and other story lines, but with the
first two episodes of season nine, I have to say, the
Office is back to it's best.

Tonight's episode revolved around, Jim trying to
keep a secret from Pam, that secret being he has
gone into a sports marketing business, against her

The other story line was the new guy, Dwight Jnr,
(as they call him) trying to trick Erin into thinking
she is being interviewed for a  tv news position.

That story line made for kinda uneasy watching, but
the other new temp came to the rescue.

The Dwight and Nellie storyline was good in the fact
it soften Nellie's character.

The highlight of the show though, I thought was, the
beginning and the chores wheel.

Lots of great one lines, Creed's line about the
Taliban making great Heroin was a classic.


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