Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Sue Bradford World's Biggest Hypocrite

Surly Sue Bradford is the world's biggest hypocrite,
a person who has protested the West/Capitalism and
America for decades, a person who says, she is
about helping poor people and wants to raise wages,
is using an Ipad, a product made by America's biggest
company and manufactured in  China by people on
low wages.

How hypocritical can she be? Words fail me, how
bad this is.

I'm for Ipads and Love America myself, so if
I could ever afford one I would buy one.

But for Sue Bradford to own one, shows she
couldnt care less about the poor, she wants to
use them, and turn them into Socialists, but hey
she still gets the perks of capitalism.

Sums up her integrity if you ask me.

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