Thursday, September 27, 2012

Modern Family Review: "Bringing up Baby" 4:01


What a way to start the season.

Modern Family has started it's four season in
the best possible way, season three had mixed
reviews from the critics, but there won't be any
mixed reviews for the opening episode of season

This episode has quite possibly the funniest
scene the show has done, with Cam and Mitch
trying to take too rather large soft toys back,
and tying them to the roof rack of their car.

The main story line revolved around Gloria getting
set to tell Jay she's pregnant and wondering what
his reaction will be, with the side stories of Dylan
trying to be allowed to stay with the Dunphy's and
Cam and Mitch trying to adopt a cat.

It was sweet, funny and clever and reminded people
of why this show has walked over all others in the
Emmy's awards, the past three seasons.

Plenty of funny lines, Phil punchline of "Lucky baby"
was delivered perfectly, as was Manny's line about
free verse girls.

I also liked how they jumped forward near the end of
the episode.

If season four is going to be like its opening episode,
then this show will be well on it's way to being
cemented as one of television's all time favorites.

Well done to Modern Family!!!

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