Saturday, September 29, 2012

Shep Smith

You handled the story with grace and
dignity, you've always been the best
thing about Fox news and you  always will

Pure Class.

Friday, September 28, 2012

The Office Review: "Roy's Wedding" 09:01

Last season, I ripped into the Office, because of the
Nellie character and other story lines, but with the
first two episodes of season nine, I have to say, the
Office is back to it's best.

Tonight's episode revolved around, Jim trying to
keep a secret from Pam, that secret being he has
gone into a sports marketing business, against her

The other story line was the new guy, Dwight Jnr,
(as they call him) trying to trick Erin into thinking
she is being interviewed for a  tv news position.

That story line made for kinda uneasy watching, but
the other new temp came to the rescue.

The Dwight and Nellie storyline was good in the fact
it soften Nellie's character.

The highlight of the show though, I thought was, the
beginning and the chores wheel.

Lots of great one lines, Creed's line about the
Taliban making great Heroin was a classic.


Wahoo! The Office is Back!!

Seems to trouble ahead for Jim and Pam, but
not as much as trouble as their was for the turtle.

Here's hoping Dwight Snr gets his revenge on
Dwight Jnr, (the new office boy).

I'm hoping Toby has a few more scenes this season,
and Nellie doesn't.

Episode one was great, so for it's final season,
they're may put a lot of heart and soul into

Time will tell.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Modern Family Review: "Bringing up Baby" 4:01


What a way to start the season.

Modern Family has started it's four season in
the best possible way, season three had mixed
reviews from the critics, but there won't be any
mixed reviews for the opening episode of season

This episode has quite possibly the funniest
scene the show has done, with Cam and Mitch
trying to take too rather large soft toys back,
and tying them to the roof rack of their car.

The main story line revolved around Gloria getting
set to tell Jay she's pregnant and wondering what
his reaction will be, with the side stories of Dylan
trying to be allowed to stay with the Dunphy's and
Cam and Mitch trying to adopt a cat.

It was sweet, funny and clever and reminded people
of why this show has walked over all others in the
Emmy's awards, the past three seasons.

Plenty of funny lines, Phil punchline of "Lucky baby"
was delivered perfectly, as was Manny's line about
free verse girls.

I also liked how they jumped forward near the end of
the episode.

If season four is going to be like its opening episode,
then this show will be well on it's way to being
cemented as one of television's all time favorites.

Well done to Modern Family!!!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

That's what she said

Michael Scott, would love a blog written today
at website.

The blog listed comments people say to children.

The comments were.

"You're okay, it doesnt hurt?"

"Oh no, we'll have to cut it off"

"Kiss it better"

"Wow, that was a big one"

"Hey look a red herring"

"My goodness are you okay?"

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Jim and Pam to break up?

The Office season Nine, (Which will be the final season)

May give us the biggest shocker TV has seen for decades.

There is definitely trouble brewing, but will the writers
break them up or give them a happy ending.

It will be a slap in the face to the fans if they break up,
but the artistic people may like it for art sake.

Im going for the Happy ending.

Fingers are crossed.

Time will tell.

Sue Bradford World's Biggest Hypocrite

Surly Sue Bradford is the world's biggest hypocrite,
a person who has protested the West/Capitalism and
America for decades, a person who says, she is
about helping poor people and wants to raise wages,
is using an Ipad, a product made by America's biggest
company and manufactured in  China by people on
low wages.

How hypocritical can she be? Words fail me, how
bad this is.

I'm for Ipads and Love America myself, so if
I could ever afford one I would buy one.

But for Sue Bradford to own one, shows she
couldnt care less about the poor, she wants to
use them, and turn them into Socialists, but hey
she still gets the perks of capitalism.

Sums up her integrity if you ask me.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Modern Family Season Four

My wishes for season four of Modern Family.

A wedding for Cam and Mitch.

More lines for Lily.

A boyfriend for Alex.

Dylan and Hayley together.

A sequel to Croctopus for Phil and Claire.

The return of Clive Bixby.

More Fizbo.

More of Phil's new neighbor/ friend

Luke to do something smart.

Manny to do something dumb.

Jay and Gloria do have a healthy baby.

Fingers crossed for a great fourth season, full
of laughs and nice moments!

John Lennon

Cards Win Cards Win Cards Win

The Arizona Cardinals has caused the upset of the
season so far by beating the Pats, 20-18, the Cards
who are 2-0 are putting the critics in their place.

They were suppose to do nothing this season, but
Kolb and Co have other ideas.

It maybe too, to say this, but I will say it anyway.

I smell playoffs.

Why I started this Blog

I started this blog because I hate hypocrisy and I saw
a huge hypocrisy in the way New Zealand Journalists

I thought the blogosphere would change this, people
of all shape and sizes having their view, calling people
up on judging people differently.

Alas, this is not the case, and the people most guilty
of this, aren't ya rabid right wing racists, or even
right wing blogs, it's those on the left in New Zealand

I have said it once I have said it a million times, the
Kiwi far left is like the American far right. They name
call, they bully, they censor and worst off all, they
accuse others of  their behavior.

There is such a sense of entitlement and a delusion
of grandeur that these bloggers have, they're
extremely passive aggressive and on too many
occasions have to cry out catch phrases to
support their cause (causes that I myself
believe it)

But I'm getting too old to get worked up
over it, so perhaps I should change the
nature of this blog.

SoI say goodbye to these bloggers and
their blogs, I wish them well, only
advice I can give them is to say "Judge
every news story for what it is, and don't
try to lay blame towards an ideology or
nation that you don't like."

The past few weeks have been kinda
sad, sad for what has happen and sad
for the reaction to what has happen.

Again fingers are crossed, that the  violence
and hatred will stop.

Time will tell.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Ricky Gervais on the Protests

No one should live in fear of physical violence
for either worshipping any God or ridiculing
the belief in any God.

Boy racers Kill Again

(The people pictured above aren't those involved
in the incident overnight)

Yet another life has been lost, by the repulsive actions
of boy racers in Christchurch New Zealand, while they
were allegedly drag racing, one of the cars hit a pedestrian,
and killed him, both cars drove off without trying to help.

After decades of these types of incidents, meetings with
these idiots, nothing has work, maybe it time to be
more aggressive with these losers, lost of license for
five years would be a start for anyone caught drag

Here's hoping the boy racer that killed the pedestrian
will be caught and charged with manslaughter.

(Unfortunately there was also another hit and run by
a boy racer in ChCh in the wee hours of the morning)

Zero tolerance must be the answer.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

One Directon Cancels Concert

The Middle East's biggest One Direction fan, leads
a march for his fellow One Direction fans, hoping
they wont cancel their concert.

The march leader told the press "As a gay man who
believes in equal rights for woman, I felt the need to
get my favorite band to come here"

One Direction is yet to respond.

Wahoo we got Justin Bieber tickets

I guess that is what they are happy about.

That's a Slight overreaction

Maybe it's time to send any refugee or immigrant,
home who calls for violence.

Violence is never the answer.

I hope the Aussie authorities arrest this man and
New Zealand never lets him to our country.

Friday, September 14, 2012

You don't kill people over a youtube video

You don't kill people over a youtube video.

You don't threaten people over a youtube video.

You do not under any circumstances, try and justify
a violent act, because of a youtube video.

I don't care how racist/sexist/vulgar/disgusting/
mean/cruel/nasty it is.

You do a reply video, that is smart and intelligent,
you write well written  comments on how bad it
is, if you think its against youtube's TOS, then you
can complain.

You don't get to kill people over a youtube video.

Simple as that.

Thoughts and Wishes to the USA

Thoughts and wishes to the good people of the
USA today, and the families and friends of those killed in
the Embassy attacks.

May the victims rest in peace.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Hells Kitchen and Masterchef

Very disappointing indeed.

Hells Kitchen and Masterchef had
their season finale this week, and both
series I have to say this season, seemed
so so so predictable.

Every week, you could get it almost spot on
with who would be eliminated, and for half
way through the series, you kinda knew who
would win.

Here's hoping next season will be more surprising.

Time will tell.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Thoughts and wishes to America on the 11th anniversary
of 9/11.

Monday, September 3, 2012