Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Hey All Blacks, Dont piggyback on Adams

(The All Blacks is the nickname of the New Zealand
Rugby Union team)

Make no mistake, the All Blacks don't give a fuck
about Valerie Adams. People should've seen this
coming, as soon as the news was released that
Kiwi shot-putter Valerie Adams would be
promoted to the Gold Medal, the NZRFU
would somehow try to piggyback on the story.

When the news was released, everybody in New
Zealand celebrated, our silver medalist in London
will be promoted to Gold because of the drug
cheat from Belarus.

Within 12 hours of the story though, the New Zealand
media must of received a memo from the NZRFU,
because the headlines were NOT about Valerie
Adams, but about how the All Blacks support her
and love her and believe she should have a medal

Well everybody believes this, and its repugnant
of the media and the All Blacks to try and get
publicity out of this, they can't  stand that
another sportsperson who plays another sport
may be in the spotlight, other than them.

I hope and wish that Valerie Adams does get
her medal ceremony, but I also wish its not
hijacked by the NZRFU and the rugby media,
who will turn it into a story about what great
guys the All Blacks are.

Because that is unfair to the sport of track and

Time well tell.

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