Monday, August 13, 2012

Great Olympics

Best ever.

The hosts Great Britain did an amazing job, the Great
Britain team far exceeded expectations, so many highlights.

New Zealand won five gold medals, and 13 medals overall,
we tied our best medal haul, and our five golds were the best
since 1984.

Michael Phelps proved that he is the greatest Olympian
in history, and the USA are the greatest sporting nation
on Earth.

The Chinese hurdler who injured himself created an
iconic moment by hopping 100 metres after the race
and then being help by his fellow competitors.

Who can also forget the coolest guy there, Usain
Bolt, and the coolest sports team, the USA men's
basketball team.

Hats off also to Canada, a winter Olympic Nation
who won 18 medals!!

Well done to all.

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