Sunday, August 26, 2012

Barbara Sumner-Burstyn

Barbara Sumner-Burstyn not only don't you have the
integrity of a writer, (You seem to think writing is 
just having little cliche digs at people or events)

You dont have  anyway near the moral intrigirty
of Lance Corporal Jacinda Baker.

Your not even close, you may of played up to
your base of fans, but how dare you say this,
it anit tough writing, it anit truthful, it's
just plain cruel and mean.

Why oh why do some people let their extreme
ideology get in way of the facts, or think they
have the right to be nasty to people.

I hope the Nzherald never uses her writings

I also hope the idiots who have made threats against
her, get caught, because no one has the right
to threaten anyone because of the words they

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