Saturday, July 14, 2012

Scott Neitlich Hoverboard Disappoints

Scott Neitlich has more contempt for his consumer base
than any other spokesperson in the history of business.

Scott Neitlich's official title is "Marketing Brand Manager" for

Perhaps a better title would be "Biggest Douche in the Universe"

For six months, he was out promoting the Back to the Future.
prop replica Hoverboard, thru sites such as Beyond the Marquee,
even bringing in back to the Future, writer and cocreater Bob Gale.

Various scifi website and the mainstream media picked up on this,
and the internet was abuzz with talk that this prop replica would be
the exact match they used for back to the future.

It came with a huge pricetag, over $150 bucks, plus you had to be
a paid member of

So for $150 bucks you would expect something special.

Think again, what you got from Mattel is a cheap, tacky,
piece of crap that a fourth grader could've made in a
low stream shop class.

It's beyond a joke how crappy Mattel's Hoverboard is.
It must of only cost 25 cents to manufacture. Why they
did all this BS in promoting it, is beyond logic.

Scott Neitlich should be ashamed at what he does, instead
of signing autographs at San Diego's comic con 2012, he
should be saying sorry to every Back to the Future
fan on the planet.

I refuse to post a picture of Mattel's hoverboard on this
blog, it's just too depressing.

We deserve better, than this piece of crap.

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