Friday, July 6, 2012

NZRFU Uses Shirt as a Red Herring

Make no mistake, Steve Tew and the NZRFU are very
very sneaky, they are also liars and the media is playing
into Steve Tew's hands.

This false outrage they are trying to promote in the media
is pure BS. There have been logos on the New Zealand
Rugby Shirt before, there is one now of a certain footware

But this has nothing to do with a shirt, it has to do with
Steve Tew and the NZRFU playing a trick on the NZ

You see, when ever another sport or competition gets
into the spotlight, the NZRFU call their buddies up
in the media, they drop a red herring or two, to try
and take the public's mind away from that sport.

Heaven forbid the public would be watching something
for a few weeks, instead of their precious Rugby union.

Just wait and see,  as the Olympics get closer and closer
the media will start promoting this non story, there will
also be breaking news stories the day before and the
day after the start of the Olympics, about Lomu, they
will be the same rehashed stories, they used before the
Football world cup in 2010, The basketball world champs,
the cricket world cup, and the Warriors run to the playoffs
in 2011.

It never ends with the NZRFU and the New Zealand media,
they work in hand in hand for their goal of "Hey dont follow
that sport, look over here, there is a big rugby story that is
more important"

It's a disgrace to Journalism in this country and a slap
in the face to every sportsperson who plays a sport
that isn't rugby.

It anit going to change either.

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