Tuesday, July 3, 2012

David Martinez Survives Masterchef Elimination

Had to have a chuckle with the latest
Masterchef episode, the teams were on
the Venice beach, David had on his team
lesser cooks in Monti, Tanya and Anne.

His team finish last, and surprise, surprise,
straight away the three ladies had their
scape goat, in sort, fat geeky glasses wearing

I mean it was like watching a doco ona  middle
school where something goes wrong and the
girls team up to blame the purpose who did
nothing wrong.

Heck it's like some offices I have worked in,
someone may fuck up, and then it's whisper,
whisper, whisper, and all of a sudden an
innocent member (usually male) gets the blame.

My question is do girls when they are adults actually
grow up and take responsibility for their mistakes, or
do they look for a scapegoat.

Well david anit no Goat, he made it through the
elimination test, despite Monti's disapproval.

Total classlessness from Monti, while David can
hold his head up high, here's hoping some of the
female contestants can actually grow up.

I anit holding my breath though.


Anonymous said...

I’m not entirely sure the contestants are being themselves entirely because these “secret” interviews are designed to create drama, and I wouldn’t be surprised if the questions that are asked are designed to rile people up. My Dish co-worker pointed out how horrible it will be for Christine next week having to clean a sea urchin too. My kids can’t wait to see that episode. We all watch as a family and even have time to watch a second show because we can watch commercial free with Auto Hop on our PrimeTime Anytime recordings. I love TV and I get more of what I love this way, TV.

Brett Dale said...

Good points.