Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Comical Plagiarizer

Remember last year when Ali Williams disrespected
Journos, by answering questions for SBW and vice
versa and remember NZ Journos just standing their
clapping like trained circus seals (apart from tv3)

Well this unfunny routine was once again an example
of  NZRFU plagiarism.

It was a clear cut copy of an interview, Robert DeNiro and
Dustin Hoffman did, (although theirs was funny)

Why do people involved in Rugby Union have to plagiarize,
thru out the decades, it doesnt matter what asepct of the
game it is, they just have to copy copy copy, and of
course NewZealand sporting Journos just shut up and
say nothing, like these guys are geniuses.

Well it's disgusting, but I except nothing less from this

Will it ever change?

Time will tell.

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