Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Blair Robertson Psychic Con Artist

(What might appear as a "miss" or "wrong" will often
 prove true later upon checking with other
 family members or friends) Blair Robertson.

The above Line is what all psychic mediums
 use, if you think they're wrong
they turn the blame to you.

Straight off the bat, I believe all Psychic's are
con artists, they  use cold reading or hot
reading, to con people out of their money, normally
the people they con are grieving over a lost

Psychic Blair Robertson is on another level though,
this douche knows people want to believe him and
will make any connection to his predictions.

Blair Robertson is the con artist who says he sees
newspaper headlines of disasters and world events.
Like all psychic's he is very vague and lets the
reader connects the dot.

He may predict an earthquake in a region of the
world (within the next 60 days of course) he
may predict trouble for a high ranking politician
by the end of the year, or that a celeb will be in the news.

Of course if there is an earthquake somewhere in the
world, (which there always is) his fans will scream
out  "Hes Psychic!!"

Of course they forget about all the other predictions
that didn't come true.

He never forgets to take their $1500 dollars per
reading though.

People like him are complete scum, they prey on
vulnerable people, and the media  lets him, from
a radio station not vetting one of their callers who
was probably on his pay roll to TV journos who
don't investigate him thoroughly before he goes on
their show.

Don't trust Blair Robertson, he cannot predict earthquakes,
he isn't talking to your dead relatives, he knows what he
is doing, he is ripping you off, and laughing his ass
off as he does it.

He's hoping people wise up.

I anit holding my breath though.


PALMY ROSE said...

Your contents are progressing with days keep it up guys.
Alissa Monroe

Anonymous said...

Well, you've hit the nail on the head!. A couple of years back i used to be on his blog, and would comment on his predictions. As time went on i began to realise that he was fake and i started to question his predictions. well he didn't like that, and one day i said something against his prediction, and wham he flew at me like a wounded animal, and abused me uphill and down!, Not only did he do that, he also humiliated me on his blog, and his sheep followers attacked me as well!. to cut a long story short he banned me from his blog, coz i didn't praise him.. After many emails to him abusing him for what he did, i made another screen name up and exposed him for that ahole he is. I did some research on him and found out that he's a mentalist/magician called stuart cumberland. Something seriously needs to be done about him, he's more than a criminal, he's also a psychotic narcissist!.

Brett Dal said...

Agree totally, I also did research on him and came up with this Stuart Cumberland.

I cant figure out why this guy is not in Jail for what he does.

Lisa said...

I think he's a quack as well. I took 2 of his online courses and I get his stuff in my FB news feed. He's nuts, flies off the handle and berates anyone who questions him. I'm a John Edward fan and have noticed Robertson has plagerized all his material fro Edward.