Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Monkey Gets 80% of the Vote

(What might appear as a "miss" or "wrong" will often
 prove true later upon checking with other
 family members or friends) Blair Robertson.

The above Line is what all psychic mediums
 use, if you think they're wrong
they turn the blame to you.

In the most lopsided poll in the history of this blog,
80% of you think the Monkey from Orana Park Zoo
has more psychic ability than that con artist Blair Robertson.

I received 20% of the vote, while Blair Robertson got a big
fat zero.

Well done to our favorite monkey who is better at picking
world events than Blair Robertson.

But then you don't need to be a monkey to figure that out.

RIP Sherman Hemsley

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Con Artist Blair Robertson goes too far

(What might appear as a "miss" or "wrong" will often
 prove true later upon checking with other
 family members or friends) Blair Robertson.

The above Line is what all psychic mediums
 use, if you think they're wrong
they turn the blame to you.

IMHO con artist, Blair Robertson has gone
to far. It's one thing to make weekly predictions
on your website about an Earthquake here and
a flood there, and predictions about famous people.

But to say you had a premonition about the Aurora
shootings after it happened is sick, to use the deaths of
these people to make yourself more money, is beyond
belief,  he is the lowest of the low, he has no human decency

IMHO he is a piece of animal waste, and how people
like him can use the death of children for financial  benefit
is utterly repulsive.

I'm at a lost for words.

Monday, July 23, 2012

The Beginning of the End of NZ Protest Movement

Yesterday marked the beginning of the end of the
protest movement in New Zealand, the reason being
is Sue Bradford. The footage on the news last night
was just cringe worthy.

There was Sue Bradford with her oversize megaphone,
not only was she ranting and screaming as usual, but she
was also blaming the police (who were just standing there)

The media interviewed some old lady who said she didnt
come to New Zealand in 1946 for this.

Then some young lady was filmed screeching something about
how John Key is a disgusting person.

Well guess what???

Its not the police fault that only 80 people showed up.

New Zealand  is a different place than it was in 1946,
and doesn't revolve about your ideology.

The Prime Minister that you call disgusting was
democratically elected by the PEOPLE of
New Zealand.

You guys are the 1%, not the rest of us.

You guys have killed off  legitimate protests and
people with legitimate issues, with the abuse
you now level at anyone that is not a socialist,
you have moved from being our version of the
teagbaggers to being our version of  Fred Phelps
and his family.

Sue Bradford has  killed off the
protest movement, so now people
with serious concerns about Government
policy wont get their say.

So much for free speech.

Thanks a lot Sue.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Saturday, July 21, 2012


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Friday, July 20, 2012

Mike Hesson New Zealand Cricket Coach

Mike Hesson is the new coach of the Blackcaps,
the New Zealand cricket team.

After a long search, in which many good coaches
turned down the New Zealand job, Mike Hesson
has taken the job.

Mike Hesson was formally the coach of Kenya.

So not much change for him in terms of the
skill level of players he will be coaching.

Debunking Psychics- Derren Brown

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Blair Robertson, A retarded Monkey and myself

(What might appear as a "miss" or "wrong" will often
 prove true later upon checking with other
 family members or friends) Blair Robertson.

The above Line is what all psychic mediums
 use, if you think they're wrong
they turn the blame to you.

Here is my little social experiment.

Who has more psychic ability, Blair Robertson,
myself or the retarded monkey at Orana Park

I went to Blair Robertson's webpage, and randomly
pick some of his predictions over the past few months,
and basically he is 0-5.

There wasn't a major fire at a Hollywood home, a major
politician wasn't removed from office in New Zealand, the
Philippines didn't have major Volcano activity, Japan didn't
have a major explosion of their nuclear reactor in June, and
there wasn't a major illness outbreak at a top restaurant in the

So Blair Robertson is 0-5.

Can I do better.

I predict....

It wont rain at the opening ceremony  at the Olympics.
New Zealand wont have a snap election this year.
Gordan Ramsay will get his 13th Michelin star.
North Korea will taunt South Korea.
There will be a flood in China.

The retarded Monkey at Orana Park Zoo

People will wave to him
The zoo keeper will give him Banana's
The crap fight will be epic.
Someone will complain about the word retarded.
The swing tyre will fall of it's tree.

So who will end up being more psychic??

Time will tell.

Blair Robertson Hates Free Speech

(What might appear as a "miss" or "wrong" will often
 prove true later upon checking with other
 family members or friends) Blair Robertson.

The above Line is what all psychic mediums
 use, if you think they're wrong
they turn the blame to you.

Conartist Blair Robertson hates free speech.

Blair Robertson as states in my previous post is
a con artist who pretends he can predict the future,
and all his followers who pay him a lot money, stand
up every word he says.

Well this so called psychic (lets face it, no one is psychic)
is now against free speech, he has done the worst possible
thing a [person can do, and that is put "Comment Moderation"
on his blog) the only comments that appear below his
predictions, are the ones that praise him.

If this wasn't bad enough, just yesterday, I went to his
twitter account, and posted a statement about his
false predictions, and now, well he has blocked all,
and you have to follow him and have him enabled
you to read his posts.

Holy Moly, it only took one negative comment for
him to change his whole twitter account.

Folks, Blair Robertson is in it for the money, he
knows perfectly well he can't predict anything,
and he's ripping people off. hes ripping people
off who are grieving over lost loves ones, he's
ripping people off who are stressed over
earthquakes, he's a nasty little man, who
doesn't deserve your time or money.

Don't give either to him.

I predict though people will though.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Blair Robertson Psychic Con Artist

(What might appear as a "miss" or "wrong" will often
 prove true later upon checking with other
 family members or friends) Blair Robertson.

The above Line is what all psychic mediums
 use, if you think they're wrong
they turn the blame to you.

Straight off the bat, I believe all Psychic's are
con artists, they  use cold reading or hot
reading, to con people out of their money, normally
the people they con are grieving over a lost

Psychic Blair Robertson is on another level though,
this douche knows people want to believe him and
will make any connection to his predictions.

Blair Robertson is the con artist who says he sees
newspaper headlines of disasters and world events.
Like all psychic's he is very vague and lets the
reader connects the dot.

He may predict an earthquake in a region of the
world (within the next 60 days of course) he
may predict trouble for a high ranking politician
by the end of the year, or that a celeb will be in the news.

Of course if there is an earthquake somewhere in the
world, (which there always is) his fans will scream
out  "Hes Psychic!!"

Of course they forget about all the other predictions
that didn't come true.

He never forgets to take their $1500 dollars per
reading though.

People like him are complete scum, they prey on
vulnerable people, and the media  lets him, from
a radio station not vetting one of their callers who
was probably on his pay roll to TV journos who
don't investigate him thoroughly before he goes on
their show.

Don't trust Blair Robertson, he cannot predict earthquakes,
he isn't talking to your dead relatives, he knows what he
is doing, he is ripping you off, and laughing his ass
off as he does it.

He's hoping people wise up.

I anit holding my breath though.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Garth Brooks in Canada

Garth Brooks is Not Dead

Garth Brooks has become another artist to be
part of an Internet death hoax.

Some sites around the web, were reporting that he
died falling off a boat.

Haven't people got more to do with their time, than
make up stories, about people dying?

What do they get out of it?

Thankfully Garth Brooks is still alive and well
and hopefully it will stay that way for a long
long time.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Scott Neitlich Hoverboard Disappoints

Scott Neitlich has more contempt for his consumer base
than any other spokesperson in the history of business.

Scott Neitlich's official title is "Marketing Brand Manager" for

Perhaps a better title would be "Biggest Douche in the Universe"

For six months, he was out promoting the Back to the Future.
prop replica Hoverboard, thru sites such as Beyond the Marquee,
even bringing in back to the Future, writer and cocreater Bob Gale.

Various scifi website and the mainstream media picked up on this,
and the internet was abuzz with talk that this prop replica would be
the exact match they used for back to the future.

It came with a huge pricetag, over $150 bucks, plus you had to be
a paid member of

So for $150 bucks you would expect something special.

Think again, what you got from Mattel is a cheap, tacky,
piece of crap that a fourth grader could've made in a
low stream shop class.

It's beyond a joke how crappy Mattel's Hoverboard is.
It must of only cost 25 cents to manufacture. Why they
did all this BS in promoting it, is beyond logic.

Scott Neitlich should be ashamed at what he does, instead
of signing autographs at San Diego's comic con 2012, he
should be saying sorry to every Back to the Future
fan on the planet.

I refuse to post a picture of Mattel's hoverboard on this
blog, it's just too depressing.

We deserve better, than this piece of crap.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Comical Plagiarizer

Remember last year when Ali Williams disrespected
Journos, by answering questions for SBW and vice
versa and remember NZ Journos just standing their
clapping like trained circus seals (apart from tv3)

Well this unfunny routine was once again an example
of  NZRFU plagiarism.

It was a clear cut copy of an interview, Robert DeNiro and
Dustin Hoffman did, (although theirs was funny)

Why do people involved in Rugby Union have to plagiarize,
thru out the decades, it doesnt matter what asepct of the
game it is, they just have to copy copy copy, and of
course NewZealand sporting Journos just shut up and
say nothing, like these guys are geniuses.

Well it's disgusting, but I except nothing less from this

Will it ever change?

Time will tell.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Completely Nuts

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Warriors Win!

For the first time in a long long time, there is a smell
in the air, a faint smell, a delightful smell, I haven't smelled
this smell for a long long time.

I smell PLAYOFFS!!!!!

Go the Warriors!!

Friday, July 6, 2012

NZRFU Uses Shirt as a Red Herring

Make no mistake, Steve Tew and the NZRFU are very
very sneaky, they are also liars and the media is playing
into Steve Tew's hands.

This false outrage they are trying to promote in the media
is pure BS. There have been logos on the New Zealand
Rugby Shirt before, there is one now of a certain footware

But this has nothing to do with a shirt, it has to do with
Steve Tew and the NZRFU playing a trick on the NZ

You see, when ever another sport or competition gets
into the spotlight, the NZRFU call their buddies up
in the media, they drop a red herring or two, to try
and take the public's mind away from that sport.

Heaven forbid the public would be watching something
for a few weeks, instead of their precious Rugby union.

Just wait and see,  as the Olympics get closer and closer
the media will start promoting this non story, there will
also be breaking news stories the day before and the
day after the start of the Olympics, about Lomu, they
will be the same rehashed stories, they used before the
Football world cup in 2010, The basketball world champs,
the cricket world cup, and the Warriors run to the playoffs
in 2011.

It never ends with the NZRFU and the New Zealand media,
they work in hand in hand for their goal of "Hey dont follow
that sport, look over here, there is a big rugby story that is
more important"

It's a disgrace to Journalism in this country and a slap
in the face to every sportsperson who plays a sport
that isn't rugby.

It anit going to change either.

1000 Posts

Never thought I would do a 1000
posts on this blog. Hope you have enjoyed
at least one of them.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy Fourth of July

To all Americans around the world, Happy fourth of July!
Its the fourth of July here in New Zealand today.

Thankyou to the States, for all you guys have done for
the world. I hope you all have a fun and enjoyable day,
and that it's not to hot for you.

Let the celebrations begin.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

I Hate Earthquakes


David Martinez Survives Masterchef Elimination

Had to have a chuckle with the latest
Masterchef episode, the teams were on
the Venice beach, David had on his team
lesser cooks in Monti, Tanya and Anne.

His team finish last, and surprise, surprise,
straight away the three ladies had their
scape goat, in sort, fat geeky glasses wearing

I mean it was like watching a doco ona  middle
school where something goes wrong and the
girls team up to blame the purpose who did
nothing wrong.

Heck it's like some offices I have worked in,
someone may fuck up, and then it's whisper,
whisper, whisper, and all of a sudden an
innocent member (usually male) gets the blame.

My question is do girls when they are adults actually
grow up and take responsibility for their mistakes, or
do they look for a scapegoat.

Well david anit no Goat, he made it through the
elimination test, despite Monti's disapproval.

Total classlessness from Monti, while David can
hold his head up high, here's hoping some of the
female contestants can actually grow up.

I anit holding my breath though.

Scott Guy Trial: Ewen Macdonald NOT Guilty of Murder

Ewen Macdonald has been found  NOT guilty of murdering his
brother in law, Scott Guy.