Wednesday, June 20, 2012

This Murderer deserves sympathy?

It's not many times you can say a murderer deserves
some sympathy, especially if it's in cold blood.

But in case, I kinda feel for the guy.

Carl V Ericsson  shot and killed Norman Johnson
on his doorstep, for in incident of bullying that happened
50 years.

He admitted it, he pleased guilty, during the hearing, Norman's
daughter, told him, I dont blame you for being jealous of my
dad, and then proceeded to rattle off her father's great life and

Carl didn't have a great life because of the bullying at high school
that Norman inflicted on him.

The effects of Bullying doesn't go away with time,
and in Carl V Ericsson's case it caused
a massive amount of mental issues.

Norman didn't deserve to die for his behavior all
those decades ago and Karl is a murderer who
took away a love one from so many people.

I cant begin to wonder though, how life for
Carl would've been different if he never meet

We will never know.

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