Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Students don't learn

It's about time they did, once again a small group of
people, put thousands and thousands out.

Everybody has the right to the protest, it seems strange
to protest for  your higher education to be totally free
and then for a right to charge the people who paid for your
education an arm and a leg for your services.

Of course these student thugs have the support of left winger
bloggers, who have been ripping into the police for removing
these protesters from the middle of the road during peak hour

If these bloggers actually did REAL research, they would found
out that it was the same members of the old NZ socialist party
and various activists groups that lead the charge.

I actually think they know this, but because the students
themselves have the same ideology as the bloggers, the
bloggers just shut up.

Here's hoping the students for once will listen to the
majority of the New Zealand public and will pay their
own way.

I anit holding my breath.

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