Friday, June 29, 2012

The Lamest People on Earth are

People who like to correct Spelling and Grammar.

People who  take inappropriate photos of Natural disasters. 

Teenagers who  pull out their cellphone and
 say "I'm putting this on youtube"

Middle age rude woman who work in an
office and often start a sentence with "Well my Husband"

 A male sexist and racist who says "Well that's
just being politically incorrect"

A ten/eleven year old boy  at school who starts most
conversations with  "Well my Dad"

A religious person who says "God made Adam and Eve
not Adam and Steve"

A female losing an argument and they scream
out "Mansplainer" to everything else someone says.

A internet activist who constantly uses the
term "White Privilege".

Socialists who  criticize America on blogs, yet they have never been there.

 Bloggers who call themselves writers.

People who walk into a near empty cinema and sit next to someone.

Boyracers who think people should care about their issues.

People who think  Rugby Union players are great sportspeople.

People who call Netball a sport.

People who blame the  Police for being too rough.

Bloggers who  delete comments, then tell
the person who commented that they suck without
a right of reply.

People spit or swear in my vicinity.

People who  scream FREE SPEECH but then tell people
to SHUT UP if they disagree with you.

People who  think they're cool because they tell people they
don't like Country Music.

People who like French Movies.

People who say  "I can cook better than Gordan Ramsay he
is overrated"

If you believe President Obama wasn't born
in the USA and health care is socialism.

Anyone who says FOX NEWS is fair and

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