Sunday, June 3, 2012

Jesse Ryder on Boxing undercard

Jesse Ryder has signed on to be on the undercard
on the Shane Cameron versus Monte Barrett fight.

Is this the "Jump the Shark" moment for New Zealand
boxing, if you dont think so, have a look at who Jesse
wants to fight, he wants to fight Craig McMillian.

Jesse wasn't happy that Craig blamed him for a 20/20
loss for being so selfish.

Surly everybody ends up being a loser with this fight,
Shane Cameron for having him on the undercard,
Jesse himself and if Craig McMillian says yes, he
has to join in on the embarrassment.

Sure they say the undercard will raise money for charity,
but if Jesse Ryder is serious about his cricket
career, he would've said no.

If Craig McMillian says no to the fight, perhaps
Jesse can fight Sonny Bill Williams, because he's
the type of sportsperson Sonny likes to fight.

Time will tell.


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