Thursday, June 14, 2012

Chelsea Winter of MasterChef

I have just lost the respect I had for Chelsea Winter, the winner of
Masterchef New Zealand.

I wanted her to win the final, thought she was a better cook than
Ana, (although that wouldn't be hard) and a decent person.

That has now gone out the window, these contestants who were
in this show, have stated they want to own their own restaurant
and be a professional fine dining chef, this is also Chelsea's goal.

Well she has proven today, that she will never be a real chef,
because she cant tell reality from fantasy. She was asked in
an interview who she would most like to work with and who
she admires most as a chef, Gordan Ramsay, (12 Michelin
star british chef who has changed the culinary world) or
Jamie Oliver.

She picked Jamie Oliver, what the hell is wrong with her?

This shows she knows nothing about food whatsoever and was
in this for the fame and money.

How anyone could compare Gordan to Jamie is beyond me, it's
like comparing John Lennon to Justin Bieber.

Did she feel embarrassed saying this??

Can she tell the difference between a beef wellington and
a quater pounder, I don't think so.

She has just insulted real chefs everywhere and has killed
off MasterChef New Zealand for me.

I'm kinda guessing she will go well on the telly though.

Time will tell.

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