Friday, June 22, 2012

Car rally in honor of Idiot Daniel Briant

How sweet of the boy racers they're going to have a car
rally in honor of Daniel Briant who was the first idiot to
get his car crushed,  because he was breaking the law
and acting like a jackass.

I hope they have fun in their wee cars, I remember all
my elderly grandparents going to these car rally's, not my
thing, but hey if that is what turns them on, so be it.

The police will even be their to keep an eye on them, I'm
sure these young people who the likes of  former Mayor
Garry Moore supports, will be respectful to the police
and other motorists.

If not their precious automobiles will meet the same
end as that punk, Daniel Briant's did.

Time will tell.

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That's really very sweet honor for him.
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