Friday, June 22, 2012

Bridget Jones = Bad Journalism

Bridget Jones is a New Zealand Journalist, she is an
entertainment Journalist. So of course her pieces are
fluff pieces that have no nutritional value what so ever.

But there has to be a limit, there has to be a standard,
she recently interviewed, con artist and bullsh*tter
Keith Barry, who calls himself a Brain hacker, he
sells tickets to shows and says he can actually read your

Of course he cant, it's not even a good trick, it's called
hot reading, but there was Bridget giving him plaudits,
and of course several people will now pay to see this
guy after reading her article.

I kinda wish Bridget would've done real journalism
and show there is no trick and the secret is hot reading.

But I guess she has chosen her career path.

Maybe if she wants to become a political reporter,
she can get a job at Fox News, she will go well here.

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