Wednesday, June 20, 2012

2014 is right around the corner

In 18 months, it will be 2014, and Garth Brooks will
come out of retirement, which means a full tour and
a new studio album, it will be his first studio album
since 2001 and his first time touring since his last
tour ended in 1998.

Fans have been waiting for over a decade, and even
though we love his wife, fellow country artist, Trisha
Yearwood-Brooks, it must be said, that some fans
might be a tad disappointed that we have waited this
long for a duet album and a duet tour.

Maybe it would be a better idea for Garth to do a
studio album of just him first, and tour for a year first,
but it would appear, this isn't the case.

I think fans will be so eager to see and hear Garth
again  that a duet album and  a duet tour will do brilliant.

Not as good though as if it was Just 100% Garth.

Time will tell.

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