Friday, May 11, 2012

The New Zealand Left are Silent On Obama's Historical Announcement

Once again the New Zealand left, has
proven they are the mirror image of the
Extreme American right.

Obama's historical announcement that
he supports gay marriage, should've had
people celebrating in the streets here
in New Zealand, because it was such
a great day for human rights, that for the
first time in history the president of the USA has
come out publicly to support gay marriage.

Instead they did their usual MO, when  it
comes to a positive story about the USA,
they said nothing.

Their ideology, trumped what was right.
If this was a leader of a European
Socialist country that said this, every
left wing blogger in New Zealand, would've
written about it, but because it was the USA,
there was nothing said about it at all.

No one from the blog "The Standard" mentioned
it, Anjum Rahman from the blog "kiwi stargazer"
didn't mention it, no mention of it from the writers
of the blog "the Hand Mirror", the only mention
came from a link at the hand mirror to one of
its bloggers, not an actual article there.

IMHO, this is disgraceful, this was a great day
for the world yesterday, but because it came
from America, the left in New Zealand ignored

Bloggers such as Anjum Rahman and bloggers
from the Standard and the hand mirror, need to
stop worrying about their own ideology and
start supporting what is right, The President
of the USA did a great thing, and this should
be celebrated by all people.

Here's hoping that one day, the haters will stop

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