Saturday, May 19, 2012

Girly Fowards

As someone with a lot of younger female relatives who
play sport, I hate it when people are at their kids sport
event and have to yell out comments like "your playing like girls" 
To me that is being negative towards female sports, and
demeaning it and not a good message to the young female
kids who are there. I was out today for my daily walk and there
was a kid's rugby game on in the park and
this guy about 60, was yelling and screaming at
the kids (Who were about 8-10 years old) he started
saying "Your running like girly fowards, go faster your
playing like girly forwards, stop playing like girly fowards" I stopped and said to a person next to him "My niece has
a poster in her room of the American soccer player Mia
Hamn with the words, When you say I Play like a girl, 
I take it as a compliment" Then I just walked off, Despite little kids being there, he felt the need
to let fly with a few F words. Cant believe people still scream stuff out
like this in the year 2012.

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