Thursday, April 5, 2012

Why are people Jerks?

About a couple of years ago there was a prank
called coneing, it involved going to a fast food
window, buying a ice cream, and when its passed
to you, grabbing it by the ice cream, thus making
a mess, over the worker and the restaurant wall,
the people who do this are mostly aged between
the ages of 16-20.

The past couple of years, this unfunny stunt has gotton
more sinister has progressed  to, these jerks throwing
their drinks at the fast food worker, countless of videos
on youtube, shows young female workers getting oj/milk
shakes,coke etc etc thrown at them, while the males in
the care crack up laughing.

I have not put the worse video up of a frightened young
lady, but this video gives you some idea.

It may seem harmless, but IMHO its mean and cruel.

So can someone please explain to me, why are people,

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