Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Scott Neitlich is ruining Little and Big kids dreams

Scott Neitlich (the one in glasses) is surly the worst
person on earth at the moment, not counting criminals.

Scott Neitlich is the man who has destroyed little and
big kids dreams, he's the one who is making sure that
Billion dollar companies, spent fu*k all on product
 but but spend millions  on marketing something
 as great and  a must have product, when it
 fact its a cheap piece of sh*t.

You see, Scott Neitlich is the one who is destroying the chance of
real hoverboards begining  created.

Scott Neitlich is a marketing manager for Mattel, he goes
to events like comic con, pretending to be a fan of all
things geeky.

He is in charge of promoting the prop replica hoverboard.

As said before in this blog, if it was 1989, it may of been
a great idea, but in 2012 it's not.

If Scott was the big back to the future fan he says he is, if
he was truly a geek nerd, he would've been screaming
at every head office meeting at Mattel saying "We need
to make a real one somehow" he would've said  "We
are the third biggest company on earth, worth billions
and billions, we need to stop treating the consumer like
crap, by producing plastic barbies."

But no, alas, he doesnt, he is there to make money for
his company, he will go out of his way talking to young
science people, telling them you cant do a hoverboard,
dont even try, in the hope us hoverboards  lovers, will be
satisfied  with his plastic piece of crap at $120 dollars.

He has made a lot of money, by teasing, by joking
and giving people false hope, making people think,
maybe just maybe if i buy a replica they will make a
real one.

He's one of the reason, there are no hoverboards now,
if a hoverboard was going to be invented it will be by
a multi billion dollar company, like Mattel, except
Scott Neitlich doesn't want this, it's too hard, and
Scott Neitlich doesn't give a fu*k, a real back to
the future fan would.



Morgoth Bauglir said...

Wow, what a poorly reasoned argument. I kept waiting for it to be funny. Your "rant" here comes off more learning impaired than anything else. Real hoverboards? We are never going to get that Jetsons future the 50s promised us. Grow up.

A Blogger said...

How many times in History has someone said, "WE are Never"

We are never going to the moon.
We are never going to fly.
etc etc etc etc.

Evan A. Baker said...

Really? Really?

Where to begin?

first of all, even if there were some realistic way to develop hoverboard technology, it would not be coming from a toy company. Can you conceive the kind of money that would need to go into R&D for the mechanical engineering, the electrical engineering, and -oh, yeah - the physics of such a thing? What Mattel spends per year on developing new toys wouldn't cover a significant fraction of any one of those three areas.

Also, I know Scott Neiltich, and if there's one enthusiastic geek in the world who would bend Heaven and Earth to have a real hoverboard, it's him. The man dedicated his entire life to becoming a toy company employee because he loves this stuff more than anything else in the world (except maybe his wife and daughter). He lives for movies, and for chances to see things from movies brought into physical form so that we consumers can take them home with us. That's his passion.

You want real hoverboards? Start studying; you're gonna need a few different degrees and one heck of a budget.

Brett Dale said...


Did Scott contact the French scientists that built one (on a track in 2009)

Or the Israeli students who advance quantum Physics,a couple of years later??

I dont know Scott myself, I know a lot of people on his employer's site are fuming with this prop replica.

Perhaps its the fact that earlier in the year, Mattel released a ad on the internet. that had "Hoverboards they're real and Magnificent"

That got people's hopes us.

Anyway perhaps I have been too harsh on Scott, if you say hes a nice guy, then he probably is.

But you make good points.

I shaw do another post about Scott, since my last one a few hours ago, wasnt too nice.

Scott Neitlich said...

You also have to remember this board needed to cost 120.00. A lot of people commented that THIS was too high. To add features like a lenticular or real hovering tech would have brought this into the hundreds of dollars, way out of the price point for your average consumer. While I would have LOVED to make a super high end version for a very high price tag, - sure. But in the end the consumer base for that is small. And that only drives up the price even more. The fewer you make the higher the price.

At 120.00 we made the best most accurate board we could. I honestly couldn't be more proud of how it turned out and based on the success of the item, while I respect everyone's opinion, most online posters are the loud but few and don't necessarily reflect the feeling of the majority of Hoverboard customers.

-the real Scot Neitlich

Brett Dale said...

Fair enough, and the glide feature is awesome.