Saturday, April 14, 2012

Mattel Hoverboard's a slap in the face

Mattel's Hoverboard promotion is a slap
in the face to all the fanboys, to all the
geeks, to the science people, to all the
Quantum physics people and to everybody
who have loved the Back to the future movies
and have wanted a hoverboard for over
20 years.

They have a percentage of fans believing
that maybe, just maybe, they are working
on a real Hoverboard for 2015, as
stated in a pervious post, they have been
disingenuous in their promotion.

When asked on various forums, saying no,
but in the media half joking saying, sure its
top secret and confidential.

Now the average back to the future fan
has wanted a hoverboard for so long, they
will take this as false hope, they will order the
replica, hoping that this will push Mattel forward
into developing a real one for 2015, and this
is what Mattel wants.

Well the bad news is there will be no hoverboard
in 2015 from Mattel or anyone, Quantum physics
is just not that advance, and Mattel knows this.

Seriously we will land on Mars first, for anyone reading this
blog now in 2012, I can tell you there will be no hoverboard
 in our lifetime, we are simply not that far advanced.

Like all fans I was hopeful, but after research of
science pages on the web, I can tell you again, there will
be no Hoverboards in our lifetime.

You see Mattel's MO is producing the cheapest
product possible (eg Plastic barbie dolls) and
then selling it at a huge mark up while promoting
it as something special.  You don't become a
$5.6 Billion dollar company by having high running

The average fan doesn't know better, they are
thinking, man a real hoverboard in three years

Mattel is preying on us fans, they need to stop
the joking, they need to go to comic con, they
need to release a press statement and tell people

"We are not working on a real hoverboard,
 never have been  and never will be"

Instead of half joking to the public that , maybe, just

Shame on Mattel, shame for the fans, that in the year
2012 they have to spend $150 dollars on something
they could've made in their garage in 1985, or 1955
for that matter.

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