Sunday, April 15, 2012

Mattel and their prop replica hoverboard

Yes, yet another post about hoverboards!

Mattel should've done this in 1989 when the movie
came out.

Perhaps the movie prop replica market wasn't big then?

It would've been a huge seller, every little kid would've
wanted one, and then they would start dreaming, way
back in 1989, thinking one day , they're  going to make
real ones.

IMHO it would've been the biggest seller of the year.

Now that we are in the future, a prop replica of a
hoverboard, will come with a tinge of disappointment,
sure it will be cool to own one, and the collectors will
love it, but the dream will probably be gone, most of
the fans who buy it will probably be in their 30's to 50's
and they will be thinking, "If only it worked" We won't
be looking ahead, because the future is now, there will
be a sadness with it.

Again Robert Zemeckis and Mattel maybe should've thought
twice about what they did.

If Zemeckis didn't make that fake statement all those years
ago, if Mattel wasnt vague in their marketing with the hoverboard
in February and March, if they  had actually released this in 1989, all
would be fine, and no one would be upset
that there is no real hoverboards.

But because it has come back as a prop in 2012, it brings
back all those memories and dreams of kids and
big kids everywhere, and sends us all to reality.

And sometimes reality sucks.

But all dreamers have hope.

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